What is the simplified acquisition procedures threshold?

What is the simplified acquisition procedures threshold?

The Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT) (FAR 2.101) is $250,000. The SAT can vary depending on the particular acquisition situation.

What are allowable and unallowable costs?

Allowable costs are charges incurred by a program that can be covered with your Office of Justice Programs (OJP) grant. Unallowable costs are charges incurred by a program that cannot be covered or reimbursed by your OJP grant.

Are unallowable costs illegal?

Unallowable costs are prohibited from any billing, proposal or claim. Also, penalties can be assessed for passing such costs onto the government. Costs can be made unallowable by regulation (Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 31.2), by statute or by contracting officer decision.

Which method of purchase is the most appropriate for requirements exceeding?

Which method of purchase is the most appropriate for requirements exceeding the the micro-purchase threshold? A commercial item is a supply or service that: -Requires extensive modifications unique to the Government.

What is an example of an allowable cost?

Examples of allowable costs include salaries and related expenses of technical staff, costs charged on long distance phone calls, justified computer costs, travel expenses, medical expenses and any form of publication fees. A company has been hired by the government to do work in a particular city.

When does an acquisition become a Class 1 acquisition?

A acquired B within the three year reporting period set out in LR 13.5.13R (1) or after the date of the last published accounts; and the acquisition of B, at the date of its acquisition by A, would have been classified as a class 1 acquisition in relation to the listed company at the date of acquisition of A by the listed company.

What is the Acquisition Category?

The acquisition category informs the level and amount of review, decision authority, and applicable procedures required for a program. Acquisition category is primarily determined by the expected program cost and/or level of interest.

What are the current accounting rules for acquisitions?

Current accounting rules examine the amount an acquirer is willing to pay for an acquisition and allocate it through a more thorough set of intangible asset recognition criteria. Note that not all items that are deemed to add value to the entity in question should be recognized separately.

Can a company dispense with or modify the Listing Rules?

(1) TheFCAmay dispense with or modify thelisting rulesin such cases and by reference to such circumstances as it considers appropriate (subject to theAct). (2) A dispensation or modification may be either unconditional or subject to specified conditions.