What is the radicular pulp?

What is the radicular pulp?

Radicular pulp is that pulp extending from the cervical region of the crown to the root apex. They are not always straight but vary in shape , size and number. The radicular portion is continuous with the periapical tissues through the apical foramen or foramina.

What are the layers of pulp?

The pulp cavity exhibits four zones as you progress from the dentin-pulp junction toward the center of the pulp cavity: 1) the odontoblast zone, 2) cell-free zone (basal layer of Weil), 3) cell-rich zone, and 4) the pulp core.

Where is the radicular pulp?

Pulp that is in the root canal of a tooth.

What is the Predentin layer?

[3] Predentin is the newly formed dentin before calcification and maturation. It is the innermost portion of dentin and is located adjacent to pulpal tissues. It is usually thick where active dentinogenesis occurs.

What is the difference between coronal pulp and radicular pulp?

The odontoblasts (A) of coronal pulp (B) appear to be pseudo-stratified columnar in nature whereas those of the radicular pulp are simple columnar. In the roots of fully developed teeth, the odontoblasts may become simple cuboidal or even squamous in shape.

What is radicular dentin?

It serves to contain the pulp of the tooth. The pulp is a soft tissue that is well supplied with blood vessels and nerves. This disorder is also known as radicular dentin dysplasia because the underdeveloped, abnormal pulp tissue is predominately in the roots of the teeth.

What is Zone of Weil?

The peripheral aspect of dental pulp, referred to as the odontogenic zone (1), differentiates into a layer of dentin-forming odontoblasts (A). Immediately subjacent to the odontoblast layer is the cell-free zone (of Weil). This region (2) contains numerous bundles of reticular (Korff’s) fibers (B).

What is rich zone?

the zone of the pulp of the tooth between the pulp core and the cell-poor zone (q.v.); it is rich in fibroblasts and mesenchymal cells and provides cells that protect the pulp from bacterial invasion by the formation of reparative dentin.

What is the difference between Predentin and dentin?

The innermost layer of dentin is known as predentin, and is the initial dentin matrix that is laid down prior to mineralization. It can be distinguished by its pale color when stained with haematoxylin and eosin. The presence of odontoblastic processes here allows the secretion of matrix components.

What is coronal pulp?

The portion of the dental pulp in the pulp chamber or in the crown of the tooth.

What is plexus Raschkow?

a plexus of myelinated nerve fibers located between the core of the pulp of the tooth and the cell-rich zone; axons of Raschkow plexus lose their myeline sheath (but not their Schwann cells) as they penetrate the cell-rich and cell-free zones to make synaptic contact with the odontoblast cell body in the pulp or …

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What is Predentin made of?

Predentin, the first organic matrix secreted by odontoblasts, is composed by proteoglycans, glycoproteins, and collagens. Later-formed crystallizing centers of hydroxyapatite grow and allow for transformation of predentin into dentin.