What is the population of Nyeri?

What is the population of Nyeri?

According to the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census, Nyeri County had a population of 759,164 with 228 people per Km2 and an annual growth rate of 0.8%.

What is Nyeri known for?

Located in Kenya’s fertile highlands, food and water are plentiful and relatively cheap. Nyeri hosts the tomb of Robert Baden Powell, the founder of the Scout movement. It is also the home town of the late Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai.

What is the meaning of Nyeri?

nyeri. Nyeri is a massai name meaning place of heavy rains or cold. This is associated with chilly weather around nyeri hill, which is within perimeters of nyeri Town.

Which is the largest sub county in Nyeri County?

Nyeri County is located in the central region of Kenya. Its capital and largest town is Nyeri. It has a population of 759,164 and an area of 2361 km2….

Nyeri County
Formed March 4th 2013
Capital Nyeri
• Governor Mutahi Kahiga

Is Nyeri a rich county?

A wealthy county with happy, healthy and secure people. To create and sustain an environment that unlocks the potential of the people of Nyeri to achieve progressive socio-economic growth by running an open government.

How many Subcounties are there in Nyeri?

Nyeri is one of the 47 counties in Kenya which is located in the former Central Province and covers an area of 2,361 km². It’s headed by Governor Mutahi Kahiga of the Jubilee Party. Nyeri County has 8 sub-counties which we have listed below….Sub County​​

Sub County​​
1 Nyeri Town
2 ​​ Mathira East
3 Mathira West
4 Tetu

How many sub counties are there in Nyeri County?

8 sub-counties
Nyeri County is composed of 8 sub-counties and 30 wards. The sub-counties include: Kieni East, Kieni West, Mathira East, Mathira West, Nyeri Central, Mukurweini, Tetu and Othaya.

What number is Nyeri County?

List of counties

Code County Capital
19 Nyeri Nyeri
20 Kirinyaga Kerugoya / Kutus
21 Murang’a Murang’a
22 Kiambu Kiambu

Where did the name Nyeri come from?

The name Nyeri is primarily a female name of African – Embu of Kenya origin that has an unknown or unconfirmed meaning. The name of a town in Kenya’s central highlands, near the mountains.

Is Meru poor?

KNBS ranked Meru, Nyeri and Kirinyaga jointly as the second richest counties, with most of its residents able to comfortably fend for themselves. Other counties with fewer poor people include Narok, Kiambu, Machackos, Tharaka Nithi, Murang’a and Mombasa.

Is kirinyaga a Nyeri?

Kirinyaga County is a county in the former Central Province of Kenya. Its capital is Kerugoya and its largest town is Wanguru….Urbanisation.

County Urbanisation in Central Kenya (Percent)
Nyeri County 24.5
Nyandarua County 18.5
Muranga County 16.3
Kirinyaga County 15.8

Who is the MP for Nyeri?

Members of Parliament

Elections MP Party
2002 Peter Gichohi Mureithi NARC
2007 Esther Murugi Mathenge PNU
2013 Esther Murugi Mathenge TNA
2017 Ngunjiri Wambugu JP

How many sub county are in Nyeri?

What is the population of Meru?

It covers an area of 7,006.3Km2. According to the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census, the population was 1,545,714 people with a population density of 221 people per Km2. Agriculture is the predominant economic activity in the county dominated by Miraa (Khat) Trade.

Which is the largest town in Kirinyaga County?

Kirinyaga County is a county in the former Central Province of Kenya. Its capital is Kerugoya and its largest town is Wanguru. In 2019, the county had a population of 610,411 and an area of 1,478.1 km2.

Is kirinyaga a Kikuyu?

Kirinyaga is literally translated as the dwelling place of God in Kikuyu language. Kirinyaga county is situated at the foot of Mt. Kenya where traditionally the kikuyu community offered their prayers to God. It is thus a symbolic county culturally, religiously and economically.

Which is the constituency of Nyeri?

Nyeri Town Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of six constituencies in Nyeri County….Wards.

Ward Registered Voters Local authority
Chania 5,145 Nyeri municipality
Gatitu 8,463 Nyeri municipality
Kamakwa 8,616 Nyeri municipality
Karia 4,763 Nyeri municipality

Who is ngunjiri?

Onesmas Kimani Ngunjiri is a Kenyan politician who is currently a member of the National Assembly for Bahati Constituency. He is a member of the Jubilee Party.

Where is Nyeri located in Kenya?

/  0.417°S 36.950°E  / -0.417; 36.950 /  0.417°S 36.950°E  / -0.417; 36.950 Nyeri is a town situated in the Central Highlands of Kenya. It is the county headquarters of Nyeri County. The town was the central administrative headquarters of the country’s former Central Province.

Who are the Nyeri people?

The majority of Nyeri residents are members of Kenya’s largest ethnic group, the Kikuyu, with residents generally being known as “Nyeri Kikuyu”. The Kikuyu language is widely spoken, along with Kenya’s National language, Swahili as well as Kenya’s official language, English.

Why invest in Nyeri industrial area?

Attractive investment opportunities exist within the Nyeri industrial area of Kiganjo which is served by the newly refurbished railway line and has ample land for industrial expansion. A major industry in Nyeri is farming, which is mostly unmechanized.