What is the movie The Winslow Boy about?

What is the movie The Winslow Boy about?

When 14-year-old Ronnie Winslow (Guy Edwards) is expelled from the Royal Naval College for theft, his father, Arthur (Nigel Hawthorne), is convinced that Ronnie was wrongly accused. After acquiring the talented lawyer Sir Robert Morton (Jeremy Northam), Arthur doggedly pursues the case, which becomes a sensationalized public story. As the case wears on, the Winslows’ finances are drained, adversely affecting the older Winslow children, Dickie (Matthew Pidgeon) and Catherine (Rebecca Pidgeon).The Winslow Boy / Film synopsis

Is the movie The Winslow Boy a true story?

The movie is based on a 1940s play by Terence Rattigan, inspired by a true story. It involves the Winslow family of South Kensington, London–the father a retired bank official, wife pleased with their life, adult daughter a suffragette, older son at Oxford, younger son a cadet at the Royal Naval Academy.

What is the real life incident on which The Winslow Boy is written?

The play was inspired by an actual event, which set a legal precedent: the case of Stonyhurst College alumnus George Archer-Shee, a cadet at Osborne in 1908, who was accused of stealing a postal order from a fellow cadet.

What happens at the end of The Winslow Boy?

It is Violet, the maid, who tells Mr. Winslow and Catherine what has happened. Shortly afterwards, Sir Robert appears in the Winslows’ home to explain the good news. The film ends with a suggestion that romance might yet blossom between Sir Robert and Catherine, who acknowledges that she had misjudged him all along.

Is The Winslow Boy on Netflix?

Watch Winslow Boy | Netflix.

Was Ronnie Winslow guilty?

Ultimately, Ronnie is found not guilty—though like the rest of the family he isn’t in court at the time of the announcement.

Who wrote the play The Winslow Boy?

Terence RattiganThe Winslow Boy / Playwright

Why is the Winslow Boy a good movie?

The Winslow Boy is a terrific film because of its simplicity. A father defending his son’s and thereby his own honor. There are no gimmicks, violence, and stunts, and everything and everyone is what and who they appear to be. As a result this film is driven by strong characters and strong, terse dialogue.

Who played Ronnie Winslow in the Winslow Boy?

They do, which keeps Ronnie’s story on the front page and keeps Catherine in Sir Robert’s ken. — Neil North, who played the First Lord of the Admiralty in this adaptation, played Ronnie Winslow in the first adaptation, The Winslow Boy (1948).

What is the error code for the Winslow Boy?

Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Smart and engaging, The Winslow Boy finds David Mamet bringing his talents to bear on period drama, with easily commendable results. Read critic reviews

What happened to Catherine Winslow’s corset in the Winslow Boy?

Neil North, who played the First Lord of the Admiralty in this adaptation, played Ronnie Winslow in the first adaptation, The Winslow Boy (1948). The corset that Catherine Winslow wears under her dress clearly appears and disappears between shots in her last scenes with Sir Robert. Sir Robert Morton: Oh, you still pursue your feminist activities?