What is the mintage of the 1909-S VDB penny?

What is the mintage of the 1909-S VDB penny?

The mintage of the 1909-S Indian was 309,000, while the mintage of the 1909-S VDB Lincoln was 484,000.

How many 1909s VDB are still in circulation?

PCGS estimates suggest there are 5,000 survivors of the 1909-S VDB in MS60BN (Brown) or higher, along with an additional 6,000 in MS60RB (Red-Brown) or better. Even in the more elusive Red, PCGS shows 5,000 in MS60RD, with 3,000 of those grading MS65RD or higher.

What is a 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent?

The 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent (Buy on eBay) is one of the most famous and widely known key date coins. The low mintage of 484,000 pieces and the circumstances of the coin’s creation have provided an ideal combination of scarcity and intrigue.

What coins have VDB?

The initials are “VDB” and they stand for the name of Victor David Brenner, the artist who designed the Lincoln cent. What makes these initials famous is the fact that they appear on the rarest of all the Lincolns (excluding such mint errors as the 1922 “Plain” and the 1955 and 1972 doubled dies).

Why is a 1909 S VDB so rare?

There are a couple of reasons in particular why this coin is so valuable. While pennies have been around since the late 1700s, the first Lincoln version was minted in 1909, which happens to be the year of the coin. The coin has also been said to be one of the most famous Lincoln cents there is.

Which 1909 penny is worth the most?

Lincoln Wheat Penny Values Are Rising

1909 Lincoln Penny $4 $12
1909 Lincoln Penny (S) $100 $275
1910 Lincoln Penny $0.35 $10
1910 Lincoln Penny (S) $17 $80

How rare is a 1909 VDB penny?

The 1909 proof VDB Lincoln penny is among the rarest regular-issue proofs ever minted. Its mintage was not low, but it is estimated that less than 200 pieces still exist, including only a few specimens in the red proof grade.

Is a 1909 VDB worth anything?

When it comes to all coins, the value can sometimes depend on grade and condition. According to USA Coin Book, the 1909 S coin is worth $917 in average condition and up to $2,222 if in “Uncirculated (MS-63).” To give you a better idea, some have recently sold on eBay.

How much is a 1909 VDB penny worth?

1909 VDB penny value* Pieces with the designer’s initials are worth $12 to $20 in low grades. On the other hand, you can get approximately $23 to $30 for an uncirculated coin.