What is the current 10 year bond rate?

What is the current 10 year bond rate?

10 Year Treasury Rate is at 3.20%, compared to 3.13% the previous market day and 1.54% last year.

What is the average 10 year interest rate?

Compare current 10-year mortgage rates. On Monday, June 06, 2022, the national average 10-year fixed mortgage APR is 4.560%. The average 10-year refinance APR is 4.560%, according to Bankrate’s latest survey of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders.

What are bond rates right now?


Coupon (%) Yield (%)
30-Year Bond 30-Year Bond 2.875 3.263
10-Year Note 10-Year Note 2.875 3.136
7-Year Note 7-Year Note 2.75 3.203
5-Year Note 5-Year Note 2.625 3.186

What is the highest the 10-year yield has ever been?

U.S. bonds: 10-year Treasury yield surges as high as 3.1%, hitting highest level since 2018.

Why is 10 year Treasury yield rising?

Treasurys. Yields began climbing in March as fear of inflation made investors move out of bonds. Rising inflation reduces the value of fixed, long-term yields, and it’s also generated speculation that the U.S. Federal Reserve will boost the size of planned rate hikes.

What is the price of G-Sec bonds post issue?

In post-issue trading, the bond closed at 5.72% at a price of ₹ 100.55. While the G-sec auction was notified for ₹ 10,000 crore, the RBI has exercised the greenshoe option of ₹ 2,000 crore.

What is the new equilibrium for 10Y IGB yields?

Consecutive sales took place after a while. So far in this fiscal, market borrowings by the states is 15% less than in the corresponding period of FY21. The states are also taking less long-term debt. “We think the new equilibrium for 10Y IGB (Indian Government Bonds) yields is higher than 6.30% – we estimate c.6.50% in the near term.

What are the current yields at the highest levels this fiscal?

At 6.18 per cent, the weighted average yield has spiked to its highest level this fiscal, and this is higher by 4 basis points than the previous week when it was at 6.14 per cent, Care Ratings said in a note.

What is the Nifty G-Sec index?

The Nifty 5 yr Benchmark G-Sec Index is a single bond index tracking the most liquid 5 year benchmark security issued by the Government of India. The index has a base date of September 03, 2001 and a base value of 1000. The index seeks to measure the performance of the most liquid Government of India bond in the 5 year maturity segment.