What is the closest airport to the Hague Netherlands?

What is the closest airport to the Hague Netherlands?

The nearest airport to The Hague is Rotterdam (RTM) Airport which is 16.8 km away. Other nearby airports include Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) (40 km), Eindhoven (EIN) (101.6 km), Brussels (BRU) (132 km) and Charleroi (CRL) (179.3 km).

Is there an airport in The Hague?

Rotterdam The Hague Airport (formerly Rotterdam Airport, Vliegveld Zestienhoven in Dutch), (IATA: RTM, ICAO: EHRD) is a minor international airport serving Rotterdam, the Netherlands’ second largest city and The Hague, its administrative and royal capital.

How do I get to Hague?

Transport to The Hague

  1. By air. The international airports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam-The Hague are just short distances away from The Hague.
  2. By train. The Hague has two international and well-equipped train stations.

How do I get from Amsterdam airport to The Hague?

The best way to get from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) to The Hague is to train which takes 30 min and costs €8 – €19. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs €5 – €9 and takes 40 min.

How do I get to The Hague airport from Rotterdam?

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is easily accessible by public transport. From Rotterdam Central Station or The Hague Central Station, you can travel easily and quickly with metro line E to Rotterdam The Hague Airport. You can reach our airport on weekdays from 05.48 in the morning by metro line E and bus 33.

Can you fly into The Hague?

You cannot fly directly to The Hague. KAYAK recommends you fly to Rotterdam The Hague (RTM) (10.22 mi from The Hague). From there you can rent a car or get a taxi.

Is The Hague a safe city?

The overall crime rate puts The Hague in position 59 of 266 Teleport Cities in a ranking for the safest cities.

How do I get from Rotterdam airport to Hague?

To the Hague: As we already mentioned, the airport serves the Hague as well, but to reach it, you will have to get on bus line 33 to Meijersplein Metro (the opposite direction than the one to Rotterdam). Once you get to the metro station, get on line E (Randstadrail) to the Hague Centraal railway station.

Is it worth visiting The Hague?

The Hague is well worth a visit. In The Hague, the beach and sea are within easy reach. This ‘royal city by the sea’ boasts many monuments, chic hotels, and a political heart. The Hague also has a varied and offering of high-end art and culture.

Is the Hague near Amsterdam?

How far is it from Amsterdam to The Hague? The distance between Amsterdam and The Hague is 51 km. The road distance is 58.8 km.

What airport do you fly into for Netherlands?

Schiphol Airport
Schiphol Airport is located right next to Amsterdam. You can also fly straight to airports in Rotterdam, The Hague or Eindhoven and discover the Netherlands from here.

Is there a train to Rotterdam airport?

Is the Hague expensive?

Summary about cost of living in The Hague (Den Haag), Netherlands: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,242$ (3,066€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 925$ (875€) without rent. The Hague is 30.95% less expensive than New York (without rent).