What is the best Chaos Space Marine chapter?

What is the best Chaos Space Marine chapter?

#1 Death Guard In our ranking as the best Chaos Space Marines chapter, the Death Guard. Unlike the Word Bearers and the Black Legion, the Death Guard has undoubtedly picked a side, and that is with the chaos god Nurgle.

Do daemon engines get Legion traits?

Yes. However, if you summon a unit of DAEMONS and add them to your army, doing so does not affect your Legion Trait.

Is a Helbrute a dreadnought?

A Helbrute is a variant of the Chaos Dreadnought that is a twisted mockery of the Space Marine Dreadnought he used to be, combining the firepower of a small main battle tank with the mind of a frenzied psychopath.

Are chaos Knights fun?

The longer answer is that Chaos Knights now have a ton of variety and options for play, and are the most fun army in the game to model, convert, and paint.

Do Knights have ObSec?

As foretold in the Balance Dataslate, Knights get a huge bonus to objective control – Armigers count as five models for the purposes of controlling objectives in addition to getting ObSec, while TITANIC knights count as ten models.

What are the best Chaos Space Marine strategies?

A lot of the best Chaos Space Marine strategies rely on copious use of stratagems, particularly those from the Book of Fire. This means that Chaos Space Marine armies can end up blowing through a ton of CP pretty quickly, and so you’ll need to have a plan for how to use your CP when you build your game plan.

Are Chaos Space Marines good in 9th edition?

Overall, Chaos Space Marines are in an in-between spot right now in 9th Edition. Without a 9th Edition codex, they haven’t had the benefit of a large-scale rebalancing or critical look at their rules; in addition, they carry over some of the nagging issues they had in 8th Edition.

What is the range of the Chaos Space Marine CSM?

Chaos Space Marine shooting is generally not great; most CSM guns top out at 24″ or 36″ range and most of the army’s core units rely on AP 0 weapons, which isn’t great.

How do you deal with psychic powers in Chaos Space Marines?

Psychic Powers are a potent part of your arsenal. Make sure you’ve brought Sorcerers (or ways of dealing with powers if you’re going mono-Khorne) and have a plan for how to use them. A good Chaos Space Marines army will usually be active in every phase of the game. Just be careful about opening yourself up to Abhor the Witch.