What is the answer when 0 is divided by 0?

What is the answer when 0 is divided by 0?

Answer: 0 divided by 0 is undefined. Any fraction with zero in the denominator will have an infinite value of its decimal form.

Is a number divided by 0 0?

Division by 0 means diving the given quantity among 0 people. That means items are there but there no people to share with, which is not a sensible situation. Therefore, 1/0 is not defined. We can never divide a number by 0.

Is 0 divided by 0 undefined or infinity?

The thing is something divided by 0 is always undefined because the value has not been defined yet. So, when do we say this something divided by 0 is infinity? Of course, we have seen these a lot of time but why do we say this? Well, something divided by 0 is infinity is the only case when we use limit.

Does dividing by zero make a black hole?

Anything with an escape velocity greater than the speed of light is a black hole. That’s the black hole’s defining characteristic: Gravity so intense nothing can escape.

Can you divide 0 by a number?

Just like in this example, there’s no way to divide a number by zero in math. Or, at least, a way to do so doesn’t currently exist. Mathematicians are always trying to find answers to interesting math problems—and plenty of people have tried to work out how to divide by zero. So far, none have been successful.

What is infinity divided 1?

Infinity is a concept, not a number; therefore, the expression 1/infinity is actually undefined.

What did Einstein say about singularity?

According to general relativity, a singularity exists inside every black hole, and the starting point of any universe described by a big bang model is a singularity as well.

What happens if you divide 0 by a number?

Dividing by Zero is undefined.

What is E to infinity?

Answer: Zero As we know a constant number is multiplied by infinity time is infinity. It implies that e increases at a very high rate when e is raised to the infinity of power and thus leads towards a very large number, so we conclude that e raised to the infinity of power is infinity.

What is sin infinity?

The value of sin x and cos x always lies in the range of -1 to 1. Also, ∞ is undefined thus, sin(∞) and cos(∞) cannot have exact defined values.

What is 0% divided by any number?

0 divided by any number is 0. Most people are ok with this concept. Take 0 pieces of candy, divide it up evenly between a class of 30 kids, and what do you get? A bunch of disappointed kids because they all get 0 pieces of candy. Divide any number by itself and you get 1.

Is zero divided by zero (0/0) equal to zero or undefined?

when zero is divided by zero the resultant is indeterminate (whose value is not fixed). It can take any limiting value on the basis of given condition. Originally Answered: Is zero divided by zero (0/0) equal to zero, undefined or 1? Zero divided by zero is undefined. In mathematics you are not allowed to divide a number by zero.

Is it possible to divide by zero in math?

In mathwith real numbers[2], values that represent quantities along a continuous line, division by zero is an undefined operation[3], meaning it is impossible to have a real number answer to the equation. This impossibility was first noted in philosopher George Berkeley’s[4]1734 article The Analyst.[5]

What is the meaning of division by zero?

The concept of division by zero is also associated with the phrase “OH SHI-,” which represents the response of someone that is cut off mid-sentence as a result of the disaster.