What is the alpha prefix for Highmark bcbs?

What is the alpha prefix for Highmark bcbs?

Prefix Plan Name
QDN Highmark BCBS of Pennsylvania
QDO Highmark BCBS of Pennsylvania
QDP Highmark BCBS of Pennsylvania
QDQ Highmark BCBS of Pennsylvania

Is Highmark West Virginia Medicaid?

After four contract renewals, and significant analysis, WVFH has decided to exit the West Virginia Medicaid market. “We have had an extremely collaborative relationship with the State in serving the West Virginia Medicaid community during this time,” said Chad Piper, president, West Virginia Family Health.

How do I pay my Highmark bill online?

Pay Your Bill Online Enter your personal information (full name, email address, HIX ID/Social Security Number/Subscriber ID & Group number) Enter payment details (amount, credit/debit card details, billing information) Review and confirm your payment.

Is WV Family Health Medicaid?

West Virginia Family Health (WVFH), a Medicaid managed care organization operating in all 55 counties in West Virginia, delivers high-quality, cost-effective services to eligible Medicaid managed care members.

How many West Virginians are on Medicare?

443,555 residents
How many West Virginians have Medicare coverage? As of late 2021, there were 443,555 residents in West Virginia with Medicare coverage. That’s nearly 25% of the state’s population, compared with about 19% of the United States population enrolled in Medicare.

How do I pay with IBX app?

Pay with the IBX App The free IBX mobile app lets you pay your premium on the go with your Apple or Android smartphone. Each month you can view the amount due, enter your bank account or prepaid debit card information, and submit your payment. In the app, just click Manage Account and then Pay My Bill.

What is Medicaid called in West Virginia?

WV Medicaid (West Virginia Medicaid) Insurance Program. The WV Medicaid program provides healthcare to well over 500,000 low-income or disabled people each year.

What is the name of West Virginia Medicaid?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Medical Services (BMS), is the designated single state agency responsible for the administration of the State’s Medicaid program.