What is T-Mobile early termination fee?

What is T-Mobile early termination fee?

We’ll pay it off. Get a new phone and we’ll pay off your current phone and service contracts – up to $650 per line or $350 in early termination fees, via virtual prepaid card and trade-in credit.

How do I claim my T-Mobile reimbursement?

Step 1: Get a new device and a qualifying plan. Step 2: Transfer your eligible phone number completely. Step 3: Trade in your working phone or tablet at a T-Mobile store for an account credit. Step 4: Prepare your reimbursement request.

How can I get out of my T-Mobile lease?

Cancellation guidelines

  1. Online at t-mobile.com/guestpay (you’ll need your account number – located at the top right corner of your bill)
  2. T-Mobile store.
  3. Mail (Address details are on the Pay your T-Mobile bill page)
  4. Call 1-877-453-1304.

Can I leave T-Mobile whenever I want?

If you only recently signed up for T-Mobile’s service and are leaving due to problems with coverage, T-Mobile has a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to return your devices and cancel your plan without any restocking fees or charges for the service.

How long does T-Mobile reimbursement take?

ETF reimbursement generally takes place 15 days after the submission is approved and trade-in per line is received. Prepaid virtual cards are sent via a text message typically within 24-48 hours after the Day 15 date.

Can you trade in a phone you’re still paying off T-Mobile?

As long as you trade in an eligible device, you are good to go. Just know that if you are not trading in the device you are still paying for, we will not be able to reimburse you for the amount you owe on that device if you are also wanting to take advantage of our carrier freedom benefits.

What happens at end of T-Mobile lease?

Purchase your device. After your lease ends, a charge will appear on your bill for the remaining purchase-option price of your device, plus taxes.

Can you end a T-Mobile lease early?

Early Termination. Following the Return Period, you may end this lease before the end of the scheduled lease term by notifying us in writing at least 30 days before you terminate and returning all remaining items of Equipment.

How hard is it to cancel T-Mobile?

When it comes time to cancel, you’ll need to visit a store or call T-Mobile’s customer service line at 1-877-453-1304 and speak to a representative. They’ll need to verify who you are before making any changes to your account, which typically can’t be done online.

Can I give my phone back to T-Mobile?

Return a device to a T-Mobile store Return your device or accessory order at any T-Mobile store or contact us within 20 days of when the order shipped. A device condition check will be completed to ensure no damage to the device. A restocking fee will be charged for the return.

Can you break a contract with T Mobile?

Buried into the contract of every mobile phone provider is a clause that says they can change the contract at any time. T-Mobile’s Terms & Conditions contains such a clause in paragraph five. If they make a change that is “materially adverse” to you, you have the right to terminate your contract without a fee.

How does T-Mobile EIP work?

With our Equipment Installment Plans (EIP), you can pay your purchase off over time, interest free. When you combine an EIP with Protection <360>, you’re able to upgrade sooner using our built- in JUMP! 2.0 benefits.

Can T-Mobile refund your money?

T-Mobile prepaid services are non-refundable even in the event that you return a device or cancel your service within the cancellation time frame. Any unused balance, lost or stolen prepaid cards, or other coupons will not be refunded. All e-coupons or gift cards that you may have used are also non-refundable.

Should I pay my phone off before upgrading?

PROS: The sooner you pay off the first 50 percent of your phone, the sooner you can upgrade to something new. And just like Next, Edge is a better deal if you use at least 10GB of data.

How do I trade in my T-Mobile device?

It is not required that your trade-in device was purchased from T-Mobile. When you activate your T-Mobile account, you can apply that trade-in credit to your bill. To get started, go to Device Trade-In and follow the on-screen instructions.

Is it time to join T-Mobile?

Think again. There’s never been a better time to join T-Mobile. We’ll reimburse your remaining device balance and early termination fees, up to $650 per line—on up to 5 lines—via trade-in credit and virtual prepaid card. Allow 8 weeks.

Can I switch from AT to T-Mobile early 2020?

Individuals and families (up to 5 lines) who are currently under a postpaid contract at their current carrier (including AT or Verizon. Starting August 2, 2020, not available for port-ins from Sprint or Shentel.) and want to switch to T-Mobile can take advantage of the Early Termination Fee (ETF) reimbursement offer.

What do I do if my ETF is not approved?

(If it wasn’t approved, it means an error was found during the submission process, and a T-Mobile rep will contact you shortly to help you with the process.) You can check the status of a submission by logging in to the www.switch2tmobile.com website and selecting Status. Here are some important things to know about ETF reimbursements: