What is soutache fabric?

What is soutache fabric?

Soutache (/suːˈtæʃ/, soo-TASH), also known as Russia braid, is a narrow flat decorative braid, a type of galloon, used in the trimming of drapery or clothing.

What is middy braid?

Metallic Middy Braid Trims are narrow trims, woven with shiny metallic like threads making them look like solid sheets of metal. Use this trim to accent dresses, jackets, curtains, pillows, furniture and craft projects.

How do you make a Soutache cord?

How to Make Loops in Soutache Braid

  1. Expose the inner cording. Unravel the soutache at the end to expose the cording inside.
  2. Pull the cord. Holding one cord firmly with one hand, gently push the soutache away from you with the other hand, pulling the cord toward you.
  3. Position the loop.

What is a flat braid for trimming called?

Rickrack is a flat piece of braided trim, shaped like a zigzag. It is used as a decorative element in clothes or curtains.

How do you make a soutache braid?

What is textile braiding?

braiding, in textiles, machine or hand method of interlacing three or more yarns or bias-cut cloth strips in such a way that they cross one another and are laid together in diagonal formation, forming a narrow strip of flat or tubular fabric.

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How do you attach braid to fabric?

Attaching Upholstery Braid with Glue: Then apply a thin line of glue to the back of the braid and apply the braid tightly along the edge of your fabric, ensuring there are no gaps and it’s straight. Make sure to apply pressure for a few seconds to ensure the glue binds with the fabric.

What is a soutache?

Soutache is created by weaving a decorative thread around and between two parallel cords and completely covering the cores; this produces a piece of trim with a braided or herringbone pattern.

When was the soutache braid invented?

Soutache braid began to be used on uniforms in France under Napoleon in the early 19th century. It was also used on Ottoman military and bureaucratic dress during the 19th century, and this use spread to other countries under Ottoman rule in the Levant and North Africa.

How much soutache do you put on an overcoat?

For an overcoat, 1/8″ of black soutache would be used. : 28 In France in 1889, gold and silver soutache appeared on the kepi (French military caps) and dolmans of different military officials: the Chief of the Post would have one row of silver soutache, while the Director of the Telegraph would have five rows.