What is sludge metal?

What is sludge metal?

It is typically harsh and abrasive, often featuring shouted vocals, heavily distorted instruments and sharply contrasting tempos. The Melvins from the US state of Washington produced the first sludge metal albums in the mid-late 1980s.

What is New Orleans sludge metal?

By the early 2000s, sludge metal had formed cross-over works with stoner metal. Examples of cross-over tracks between sludge and stoner metal include Bongzilla – Gateway (2002) and High on Fire – The Yeti (2002). Eyehategod formed in Harvey, Louisiana, in 1988 and is credited with originating a new style – New Orleans hardcore-edged sludge.

What is sludgecore music?

Sludgecore combines sludge metal with hardcore punk, and possesses a slow pace, a low guitar tuning, and a grinding dirge-like feel. Bands regarded as sludgecore include Acid Bath, Eyehategod, and Soilent Green, and all three formed in Louisiana.

What are the key characteristics of sludge and doom metal?

The key characteristics of both sludge and doom metal are a slow tempo combined with down-tuned, heavily- distorted guitars to deliver the heaviest feel that is possible. The drummer must be able to lead the band through the slow parts of a piece with an accurate time feel, which is much harder to achieve when compared with playing faster pieces.

What is microtonality?

“Microtone” is also sometimes used to refer to individual notes, “microtonal pitches” added to and distinct from the familiar twelve notes of the chromatic scale, as “enharmonic microtones”, for example. In English the word “microtonality” is mentioned in 1946 by Rudi Blesh who related it to microtonal inflexions of the so-called ” blues scales “.

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