What is pa Act 13?

What is pa Act 13?

Act 13 requires schools to incorporate training on the teacher observation and evaluation model inclusive of the consistent use of quality teacher-specific and building-level data within student performance measures into induction programs required under 22 Pa.

In what year was Act 13 defeated?

In September 2016, the high court ultimately sided with the groups challenging the law.

How close can you build to a gas well in Pennsylvania?

–Wells may not be drilled within 200 feet, or, in the case of an unconventional gas well, 500 feet, measured horizontally from the vertical well bore to a building or water well, existing when the copy of the plat is mailed as required by section 3211(b) (relating to well permits) without written consent of the owner …

What is the PA impact fee?

14, 2012. Act 13/Impact Fee amends Title 58 (Oil and Gas) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes (Act 13 of 2012). Act 13/Impact Fee provides for the imposition of an unconventional gas well fee (also called an impact fee), and the distribution of those funds to local and state governments.

What is Pvaas?

This tool is PVAAS (Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System). Value-added is a statistical analysis used to measure a district’s, school’s, or teacher’s influence on the academic progress rates of groups of students from year to year.

What is the penalty for elder abuse in Pennsylvania?

Violation of the act resulting in serious bodily injury is punished as a felony of the first degree, the penalty for which is a fine of not more than $25,99 and a term of imprisonment of not more than 20 years.

What battle sparked the Revolutionary War?

the Battles of Lexington and Concord
On April 19, local militiamen clashed with British soldiers in the Battles of Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts, marking the “shot heard round the world” that signified the start of the Revolutionary War.

What is an unconventional gas well?

An unconventional gas well is a well that is drilled into an unconventional formation, which is defined as a geologic shale formation below the base of the Elk Sandstone or its geologic equivalent where natural gas generally cannot be produced except by horizontal or vertical well bores stimulated by hydraulic …

How much money did Allegheny County receive from impact fee disbursements in 2020?

Additionally, Allegheny County will receive more than $1.58 million and Washington County will receive almost $6.62 million in proceeds from the Marcellus Legacy Fund, which is designed to used for environmental, highway, water and sewer projects, rehabilitation of greenways and other projects.

What is Paetep?

PAETEP is a comprehensive suite of teacher evaluation tools fully aligned with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

What is the PA Future Ready Index?

The Future Ready PA Index is a collection of school progress measures related to school and student success. The Index includes a range of assessment, on-track, and readiness indicators, to more accurately report student learning, growth, and success in the classroom and beyond.

What qualifies as elder abuse in Pennsylvania?

(1) The infliction of injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation or punishment with resulting physical harm, pain or mental anguish. (2) The willful deprivation by a caretaker of goods or services which are necessary to maintain physical or mental health.

Is fracking conventional or unconventional?

“Unconventional” Natural Gas Production, Shale Gas Extraction and Hydraulic Fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing is a technique used in “unconventional” gas production.