What is JEVA in Spanish?

What is JEVA in Spanish?

Noun. jeva f (plural jevas) (slang, Cuba) woman. (informal, Venezuela, Puerto Rico) girlfriend, or a very attractive woman.

What does JEVA mean in Venezuela?

2. Jeva: “Heva”. Literal translation. Means “Girl”, “Woman” or “Girlfriend”. May be used to describe any woman or a woman you are dating.

What is JEVO?

Jevo is a new machine that makes jello shots, 20 shots in about 10 minutes. ( Jevo photo)

What does Cotufas mean in Venezuela?

3Venezuela cotufas feminine plural. (maíz tostado) popcorn.

What does Panita mean in Venezuela?

Spanish term or phrase: panita. English translation: your (little) friend (Latin Amercia slang)

Can Jefa mean mom?

When used as a nickname, ‘jefa’ would be translated as ‘mom’ or ‘ma’. You can use this word to call you mother by directly or as an informal way to refer to your mom when talking to other people.

What does Chamo mean in Venezuela?

1. Chamo/a. This one means “bro,” or “dude,” except you can make it female. Yay for gender equality! You can also use this word to say “boy,” or “girl,” and add “ito/ita” to the end to describe a little boy/girl.

What does Chama mean in Venezuela?

Chama is a term used in Venezuela for a young girl. It can also be used as a term of endearment.

What does El Jevito mean?

Rep Power. 133. Re: Cuban slang “el jevito” – translation help please The word jevo or jeva, or jevito or jevita means a guy or girl that is almost like a boyfriend or girlfriend.

What does Jevo/Jeva/jevita mean?

I’ve heard the term ” jevo/jeva/jevita/jevita “, and they all refer to a guy or a girl. For example: ‘ta linda la jevita’ means ‘that’s a cute/pretty girl’ or ‘este es mi jevo’ = ‘this is my man/boyfriend’

Is Jevito a bad word in Puerto Rico?

“Jevito” is not a bad word or anything, at least not in Puerto Rico. It is sort of like “boyfriend”. In Puerto Rico, both guys and girls use the term as they would use any other word. I think it is chick…

What does Esta Linda La jevita mean?

For example: ‘ta linda la jevita’ means ‘that’s a cute/pretty girl’ or ‘este es mi jevo’ = ‘this is my man/boyfriend’ In this case it’s a guy, so the guy left.