What is info frame?

What is info frame?

The info frame command displays a lot of low-level information about a frame. Use info args and info locals commands to see more concise output.

What is a GDB frame?

The frame contains the arguments given to the function, the function’s local variables, and the address at which the function is executing. When your program is started, the stack has only one frame, that of the function main . This is called the initial frame or the outermost frame.

What is saved EIP in GDB?

“saved eip 0x804869a” shows the VALUE of the saved instruction pointer i.e. where exactly to return to in the program. However, this value is saved onto the stack at a particular address.

What is BT in GDB?

A backtrace is a summary of how your program got where it is. It shows one line per frame, for many frames, starting with the currently executing frame (frame zero), followed by its caller (frame one), and on up the stack. To print a backtrace of the entire stack, use the backtrace command, or its alias bt .

What is stack frame gdb?

Stack frames are regions of memory allocated on the stack to hold the local variables of functions each time they are called. When one function calls another, a new stack frame is allocated and placed on top of the current function’s stack frame. When a function returns, its stack frame is de-allocated.

What is the rip register?

The %rip register on x86-64 is a special-purpose register that always holds the memory address of the next instruction to execute in the program’s code segment.

What is a function frame?

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What is stack frame C++?

Stack is one of the segments of application memory that is used to store the local variables, function calls of the function. Whenever there is a function call in our program the memory to the local variables and other function calls or subroutines get stored in the stack frame.

How do I find my EIP?

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What does RBX stand for in Assembly?


Full register name 32-bit (bits 0–31) Use in calling convention
General-purpose registers:
%rax %eax Return value (accumulator)
%rbx %ebx
%rcx %ecx 4th function argument

What is %rip in x86?

What is frames?

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What is an infoframe and how can it help you?

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What is info frame in Linux?

Specifies the zero-based frame number that will be used to display the frame information. If omitted, the info frame command will display the information about the current frame selected by the frame command. Specifies the memory address of the frame to be displayed.

What is the difference between info level and info frame?

OK, as you can see, info level is reporting the actual values that were used and does not report itself, whereas info frame is reporting what that level is currently doing. As you can see, info level does not see that the uplevel happened, but info frame does. But only info level can really tell you what the arguments are.