What is HO scale equivalent to?

What is HO scale equivalent to?

HO or H0 is a rail transport modelling scale using a 1:87 scale (3.5 mm to 1 foot).

How big is an HO scale house?

The houses are approximately HO or S scale…… The Dept 56 train is approximately O scale…… The Dept 56 autos are slightly larger than O scale………MODEL BUILDING – By Scale.

1” = 100′ 1:1200 Scale
1/4” = 1′ 1:50 Scale
3/8” = 1′ 1:32 Scale
1/2” = 1′ 1:24 Scale
3/4” = 1′ 1:16 Scale

How do you convert HO Scale?

Take 20 times 12 (which is how many inches there is in a foot) 20 X 12 = 240. Take the 240 and divide by 87 (for HO Scale) and you get 2.758.

What is a U-shaped HO scale layout?

Large and complex U-shaped HO scale layout with main station on the upper level, connected via double main line and two helices to a large shadow station on the lower level. The track plan is suitable for running of long passenger and freight trains and also for lots of shunting/switching operations in the stations and branches.

What is a HO scale model train layout?

It’s called the “all in one” ho scale layout because it basically contains every element of a fantastic layout. From tunnels to bridges and scenic mountains, this layout does have it all. Learn how to build your own model train layout.

What makes this Ho layout different from the others?

In contrast to the other two ho layouts, this one stands out for being completely different but still just as realistic. The theme of the layout is of a desert that contains a bridge, switch tracks and even different gradient levels for the locomotives. It must be a pleasure watching trains move along this realistic desert landscape.

What makes a good train layout plan?

This plan combines continuous running with lots of switching to keep your train busy for hours as you drop off and pick up freight from the customers along the line. This is a great layout plan if you get tired of watching a train run in circles. Learn more to see what operations are all about.