What is Glassworks Philip Glass?

What is Glassworks Philip Glass?

Glassworks is a chamber music work of six movements by Philip Glass. Following his larger-scale concert and stage works, Glassworks was Philip Glass’s successful attempt to create a more pop-oriented “Walkman-suitable” work, with considerably shorter and more accessible pieces written for the recording studio.

Why was Glassworks written?

‘Glassworks’ was originally written as a commission for CBS Records in 1981 (the first CD of mine recorded for that company). Besides work for my ensemble, it contained several unusual pieces including ‘Opening’ for solo piano and ‘Façades’ for solo soprano saxophone.

What genre of classical music does Philip Glass compose?

Minimalism contemporary classical

Philip Glass
Genres Minimalism contemporary classical film score
Occupation(s) Composer
Years active 1964–present
Website philipglass.com

When was Philip Glass born?

January 31, 1937 (age 85 years)Philip Glass / Date of birth

Philip Glass, (born January 31, 1937, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.), American composer of innovative instrumental, vocal, and operatic music. Glass studied flute as a boy and enrolled at age 15 at the University of Chicago, where he studied mathematics and philosophy and graduated in 1956.

What movies has Philip Glass composed?

Koyaanisq…1982The Truman Show1998Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters1985Powaqqatsi1988Candyman1992The Hours2002
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Is Philip Glass a classical composer?

Philip Glass, considered one of the most influential composers of he 20th century, talks about his first job breaking records in his father’s store. The classical music world has long viewed Glass as an outsider.

Where did Philip Glass go to college?

The Juilliard SchoolThe University of ChicagoPeabody Institute of The Johns…
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What minimalist music means?

The musical style known as minimalism emphasizes repetition, shifting rhythmic patterns, and composition concepts that extend beyond traditional classical music.

What is minimalism film music?

A minimalist film score is something that uses a repetitive rhythm and pattern, some being prolonged and others being quick and neurotic, but nonetheless still important to a film.