What is Cu2Se?

What is Cu2Se?

Copper selenide (Cu2Se)

What is the name for the compound Cu2Se?

Copper (II) Selenide.

Is copper selenide toxic?

Copper selenide is an inorganic binary compound consisting of copper and selenium….Copper selenide.

Signal word Danger
Hazard statements H201 , H331 , H373 , H410
Precautionary statements P260 , P261 , P264 , P270 , P271 , P273 , P301+P310 , P304+P340 , P311 , P314 , P321 , P330 , P391 , P403+P233 , P405 , P501

What is the charge for selenide?

3.1Computed Properties

Property Name Property Value Reference
Formal Charge -2 Computed by PubChem
Complexity 0 Computed by Cactvs (PubChem release 2021.10.14)
Isotope Atom Count 0 Computed by PubChem
Defined Atom Stereocenter Count 0 Computed by PubChem

What causes selenide?

A selenide is a chemical compound containing a selenium anion with oxidation number of −2 (Se2−), much as sulfur does in a sulfide. The chemistry of the selenides and sulfides is similar. Similar to sulfide, in aqueous solution, the selenide ion, Se2−, is prevalent only in very basic conditions.

What is selenide in selenium?

Selenide is a framework for test automation powered by Selenium WebDriver that brings the following advantages: Concise fluent API for tests Stable tests Powerful selectors Simple configuration.

What is FEP polymer?

FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) is a tough, flexible copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene. It is often used for flexible tubing and fluid processing equipment when chemical resistance, high purity, and low stiffness are required. FEP has outstanding electrical properties and UV resistance.

What is the mass of Cu2S?

159.16 g/molCopper(I) sulfide / Molar mass

What is cuprous sulphide?

Cuprous sulfide occurs in the form of black powder or lumps and is found as the mineral chalcocite. Large quantities of the compound are obtained by heating cupric sulfide (CuS) in a stream of hydrogen. Cuprous sulfide is insoluble in water but soluble in ammonium…

What is nickel phosphate used for?

Thus, the nickel phosphate-based catalyst is expected for use in wastewater treatment, hydrogen production, electrochemical sensors, and fuel cells.

What is the percent composition of nickel II phosphate?

Variants of the formula:

Symbol Element Mass percent
Ni Nickel 48.1 %
O Oxygen 35 %
P Phosphorus 16.9 %

What is PNP chemical?

4-Nitrophenol (also called p-nitrophenol or 4-hydroxynitrobenzene) is a phenolic compound that has a nitro group at the opposite position of the hydroxyl group on the benzene ring.

What are the properties of Cu2Se ion?

These Cu ions are highly mobile and exhibit superionic liquid-like behaviour, which can effectively scatter phonons, and finally lead to intrinsically low κl and high zT [ 67, [72], [73], [74], [75], [76] ]. Crystal structure difference between antifluorite Cu 2 Se and monoclinic Cu 2 Se results in different electronic band structures.

What is the composition of the Cu2Se powder?

The Cu 2 Se powder was fabricated by high-energy ball milling (SPEX, 8000 M Mixer/Mill) of Cu and Se powder with the stoichiometric composition of Cu 2 Se for 200 min. The ball-milled powder was sieved for removing particles larger than 45 µm.

What is the superionicity of Cu2Se?

The superionicity of Cu 2 Se refers to the intensity of liquid-like behavior or the transporting capacity of Cu ions within the rigid Se sublattice [ 90 ]. When the crystal structure changes from monoclinic Cu 2 Se to antifluorite Cu 2 Se, the superionicity of Cu 2 Se also changed [ 67 ].

What is the thermoelectric conductivity of Cu2Se?

Bulk Cu2Se, with ionic conductivity of Cu ions, exhibits a significant enhancement of its thermoelectric figure of merit zT by a factor of ~3 near its structural transition around 400 K.