What is another word for collaboratively?

What is another word for collaboratively?

What is another word for collaboratively?

combinedly collectively
commonly communally
concertedly conjointly
conjunctly coordinatedly
cumulatively interactively

What is collaboratively mean?

Collaborative is an adjective that describes an effort in which people work together (that is, one in which they collaborate). Collaborative is often used in a positive context to refer to two or more parties successfully working together on a goal or shared project.

What does it mean to work collaboratively with others?

Collaboration means working together with one or more people to complete a project or task or develop ideas or processes. In the workplace, collaboration occurs when two or more people work together towards a common goal that benefits the team or company.

What does it mean to support someone?

: the act of showing that you believe that someone or something is good or acceptable : approval of someone or something. : the act of helping someone by giving love, encouragement, etc. : help that is given in the form of money or other valuable things.

What do you call a person who supports you?

Definitions of patron. noun. someone who supports or champions something. synonyms: sponsor, supporter.

What is a collusion?

Collusion is a non-competitive, secret, and sometimes illegal agreement between rivals which attempts to disrupt the market’s equilibrium. The act of collusion involves people or companies which would typically compete against one another, but who conspire to work together to gain an unfair market advantage.

How would you describe a supportive person?

The definition of supportive is someone or something who provides emotional help and encouragement. A parent who is always encouraging his child is an example of a supportive parent.

What is another word for collaboration?

What is another word for collaboration?

partnership alliance
association cooperation
teamwork combination
concert participation
affiliation connection

What is collusion in oligopoly?

Firms in an oligopoly may collude to set a price or output level for a market in order to maximize industry profits. Price leadership, which occurs when a dominant competitor sets the industry price and others follow suit, is an informal type of collusion which is generally legal.

What is the opposite of a cheerleader?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for cheerleader. adversary, antagonist, opponent.

What is another word for cheerleader?

Cheerleader Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for cheerleader?

cheerer performer
booster friend