What is an Extraconal hematoma?

What is an Extraconal hematoma?

Extraconal hematoma has a classic appearance of a confined lentiform hyperdense hematoma, analagous to an intracranial extradural hemorrhage. It is usually located in the superior half of the orbit and almost always adjacent to a fracture of the bony orbit.

What is Extraconal?

Extraconal refers to a process outside the muscle cone of the orbit.

What causes retrobulbar hematoma?

RBH can occur due to orbital trauma, complication of eyelid or orbital surgery, or any process that can affect blood supply to the eye, such as arteriovenous malformations, orbital varicosities, or lymphangiomas. It can be potentiated by the use of anticoagulation medication.

What causes periorbital hematoma?

Racoon eye or periorbital ecchymosis is caused by blood tracking into periorbital tissues, which is frequently observed after head trauma but is also observed in systemic diseases, such as amyloidosis, neuroblastoma, and surgical interventions.

What is the most common malignancy of the orbit?

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy to metastasize to the orbit, followed by prostate cancer, melanoma, and lung cancer. In women with bilateral enophthalmos, metastatic scirrhous breast cancer should be considered in the differential diagnosis.

What is Extraconal fat?

… 1,4 Prolapse of extraconal fat is a common occurrence presenting clinically as excess fat within the upper and lower eyelids. 1, 5, 6 With aging, the orbital septum becomes thinner and weaker, the extraconal fat herniates, causing protruding palpebral bags or festoons.

Can orbital tumors be treated?

Treatments. When possible, orbital tumors are totally removed. If they cannot be removed or if removal will cause too much damage to other important structures around the eye, a piece of tumor may be removed, sent for evaluation by a pathologist and the patient is treated with radiation and/or chemotherapy.

How do you treat a retrobulbar hematoma?

The majority of retrobulbar hemorrhages can be managed conservatively with digital ocular massage or intravenous acetazolamide or mannitol. However, further surgical intervention is indicated when vision is at risk.

How long does it take for periorbital hematoma to heal?

Black eyes usually take up to 2 weeks to heal.

Is periorbital ecchymosis serious?

Periorbital ecchymosis or raccoon eye or panda sign is commonly seen in surgical emergency and results from accidental injuries to the base of the skull. It is a useful clinical sign that demands urgency in further evaluation and correlates well with the radiological sign of base of skull fracture.

What percentage of orbital tumors are benign?

There were 169 (63%) malignant tumors and 99 (37%) were benign tumors. The rate of malignant lesions was 65% in children and 63% in adults (≥18 years).

What is Dermolipoma?

A common form of congenital dermoids: tumor-like lesions that are present at birth and may or may not enlarge over time. Composed of normal elements which are not normally found at the site of development.