What is a Schimmel piano?

What is a Schimmel piano?

Among European piano makers, Schimmel was a pioneer in the use of computer-aided design and manufacturing. The company has used its Computer Assisted Piano Engineering (CAPE) software to research, design, and implement virtually every aspect of making a piano, from keyboard layout and action geometry to soundboard acoustics and scale design.

What gives Schimmel instruments with a magic gloss?

This number certainly provides Schimmel instruments with a magic gloss. This is because we utilise a traditional piano varnish which is applied in thirteen work phases with around one and a half kilogram per square metre and is primarily further processed by hand to produce high gloss.

What is a Schimmel tradtion?

This is how the Schimmel craftsmen breathe life into the soul of our instruments. We interpret tradition with a contemporary slant as illustrated by the K 132 Tradtion which is inimitable in its combination of the traditions of German artisan piano manufacture, innovative construction and contemporary design.

Is Schimmel made in Kalisz?

Schimmel at first used the Kalisz factory to manufacture its Vogel brand, a moderately priced line named for the company’s president. This line has now been replaced by the Wilhelm Schimmel brand, named for the company’s founder.


Where is the serial number on a Schimmel grand piano?

The serial number on Schimmel uprights is located under the lid, stamped onto the metal plate. On Schimmel grands, the serial numbers is located at the front of the piano, also stamped on the metal plate. Are Schimmel pianos made in China?

What is the difference between the Schimmel classics and Konzert-series uprights?

The Konzert-series uprights — 48″ model K122, 49″ model K125, and 52″ model K132 — are based on a more sophisticated philosophy of construction than the Classics, and incorporate triplex scaling and other advanced design features. Schimmel’s philosophy for these uprights was to design them to be as much like the grands as possible.

Where are Fridolin Schimmel pianos made?

Wilhelm Schimmel grand pianos are offered in 2 sizes, the 6’ W180 and the 6’10” W206. Fridolin Schimmel pianos represent Schimmel’s entry-level option, positioned to compete with other Chinese built instruments, and are entirely manufactured in Pearl River’s Guangzhou China facility. The Fridolin Schimmel pianos are built based on German designs.