What is a rainscreen application?

What is a rainscreen application?

A rainscreen is an exterior cladding infrastructure that sits away from a building’s outside wall’s weather-resistant barrier, creating an air cavity directly behind the cladding that helps to protect the buildings important weather-resistant barrier.

What is the rain screen principle?

The rain screen principle may be defined as a theory governing the design of a building enclosure in such a way as to prevent water penetration due to rain; in other words, a scientific approach to eliminating water leakage.

What is a rainscreen gap?

A rainscreen, like our Slicker products, is essentially a 1/4-to-3/4-inch air gap built in-between the the exterior siding and sheathing of a wall assembly.

How is rainscreen cladding installed?

A rainscreen cladding system is installed externally, directly on the existing structure of a building. This creates a ventilated cavity between the structural frame of the building and the facade itself.

What is the best hidden clip for rain screen installation?

Viking Clip is a winner for both your installation and pocketbook. Tennessee Viking Clip Ipe Rainscreen, Brentwood commercial space.Viking Clip and the VC2 No-Batten Rain Screen Systems are the easiest, sturdiest, and most affordable hidden fasteners on the market.

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What is Viking clip rain screen siding?

The Viking Clip hidden fastener installs wood siding permanently and beautifully to commercial and residential projects. The rain screen siding system dates to around the 12th Century. Norwegians and Japanese built the first known rainscreens, which have withstood the tests of time.

What is a rainscreen siding installation?

For most residential builders, a rainscreen siding installation is one that includes an air gap between the siding and the water-resistive barrier (the asphalt felt or housewrap). Some purists insist that you can’t call it a rainscreen gap unless you have ventilation gaps at the top of the wall as well as the bottom of the wall.