What is a 258 engine?

What is a 258 engine?

The 258 cu in (4.2 L) was produced from 1971 to 1990. It featured an undersquare 3.75 in (95.3 mm) bore and 3.895 in (98.9 mm) stroke; it was otherwise similar to the 199 and 232. Starting with the 1975 model year, the bore of this engine was decreased to 3.819 in (97.0 mm).

How do I know what engine is in my Jeep 258?

199-258 and 4.0L sixes have this number stamped on a machined pad on the right side of the block near where head and block come together between #2 and #3 cylinder. #3 spark plug shows in photo below. First generation V-8s (1956-66 250/287/327) have the code stamped on a metal tag attached to the generator bracket.

What liter is a 258?

Consider rejuvenating your Jeep’s pep with an AMC 258 crate engine, as this iconic 4.2-liter in-l… ine six-cylinder powerplant was actually made by AMC.

How much does a Jeep 258 engine weigh?

It ended up around 480 lbs. The 4.0L weighs about the same as the January 1980 and later 258. The earlier model weighs 50-60 pounds more.

Who made the AMC 258?

In 1971, an undersquare version of the AMC I6 came out as the 258-CI (4.2-liter). It featured the 3.75-inch bore and a 3.895-inch stroke, which made it undersquare.

How much does a Jeep 258 weigh?

Is the Wrangler 4.2 a good engine?

I have had 2 wranglers with the 4.2 I6. Bulletproof motors and easy to work on. They produce good power and have plenty of torque. I put over 155,000 miles on my last one with no major problems.

Is the 4.2 L i6 a good engine?

The 4.2L straight-6 Vortec engine is extremely reliable. Worn valve seats are the only problem on our list that can lead to an expensive repair bill and the issue really isn’t common enough to give any worry.

What size motor is a 4200?

4.2 L
LL8 (Vortec 4200) It displaces 4.2 L; 253.9 cu in (4,160 cc), with a 93 mm × 102 mm (3.66 in × 4.02 in) bore and stroke. It has four valves per cylinder, utilizes dual-overhead cams (DOHC) design, and features variable valve timing on the exhaust cam, a first for GM Inline engines.

How do I Find my 258 inline 6 engine for sale?

To find your ideal 258 inline 6 engine for sale, begin by entering your vehicle information into the drop-down menu. Filter your results by engine type, configuration, displacement, cost or fitment to further expedite your shopping process. Need a hand? Our sales and support specialists are a mere phone call, email or store visit away.

What kind of engine does a jeep 258 have?

The 258 used in ’72-’78 CJs, J-series pickups, and Wagoneers, some used a 1bbl carb and lower compression than later 258s. The 258 was introduced in 1971 as the standard engine in J-series pickups and Wagoneers.

What kind of carburetor does a Chevy 258 I6 have?

The 258 I6 engine was always carbureted from the factory. The 1-barrel engines came with the Carter YF carburetor, and the 2-barrel engines came with the Carter BBD.

What does the B mean on a 258 engine?

An engine stamped with “B” is an early 258 with a 7.6:1 compression ratio. “A” and “B” are engines with 1-barrel carburetors, while “C” and “M” are 2-barrel. “M” originated in Mexico. Other codes (“E”, “F”, “K” and “L”) are 232 engines.