What happened on the Long Island Expressway?

What happened on the Long Island Expressway?

Police made a gruesome discovery on the Long Island Expressway over the weekend where a dismembered body turned up in Queens. An investigation is underway into how body parts wound up along the eastbound lanes of the highway around 3:30 p.m. on Saturday.

How do I access CCTV on my street?

How to get access to CCTV footage following an accident. You are legally allowed to access CCTV footage you appear on. There is a 30 day cut-off and a nominal charge of £10 for every request. These requests need to be submitted to the owners of the camera – so petrol stations, shops as well as Tfl, highways agency etc.

Are ring doorbells illegal?

The issue with this is that the owner of the doorbell has the footage at their disposal to use unlawfully without the knowledge of the neighbour. You are legally bound to comply with data protection law if you are aware of your doorbell posing a threat to a neighbour’s privacy on their private property.

Can you refuse to give police CCTV?

Initially you will be asked to supply your CCTV evidence. However, if you refuse the police do have various options to get the footage should they so wish such as getting a search warrant. Thankfully this is very rare as the vast majority of people are happy to cooperate.

What roads run parallel to the 495 on Long Island?

Almost every major highway on Long Island has a local roadway running parallel to it. Jericho Turnpike (Route 25) is a local road that runs parallel to the 495 and also spans the island from the western Nassau County border all the way to the north fork terminating at the north-easternmost town Orient Point.

What is the Long Island Expressway?

The Long Island Expressway designation, despite being commonly applied to I-495 in full, technically refers to the stretch of highway between Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Where does I-495 meet I-278 in Queens?

A mile after entering Queens, I-495 meets I-278 (the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway) at exit 17. It continues to the Rego Park neighborhood, where it connects to New York State Route 25 (NY 25, named Queens Boulevard) and becomes the Horace Harding Expressway.

What happened to exit 71 on the Long Island Expressway?

Exit 71 itself was intended to be a cloverleaf interchange with CR 94 (Nugent Drive) and the Hamptons Spur of the Long Island Expressway. After the Hamptons Spur proposal was cancelled, the plans for exit 71 were altered to call for a complete diamond interchange.