What happened BEP Voskuijl?

What happened BEP Voskuijl?

Bep Voskuijl died in Amsterdam on 6 May 1983, due to a traumatic aortic rupture. She was 63 years old. In an article in Dutch national newspaper De Telegraaf, Miep Gies was quoted, stating that “the special thing about Bep was that she was so humble.

Does Anne Kiss Peter?

Kissing in the attic Peter and Anne fell in love. They cuddled and kissed in Peter’s room and in the attic. But after a while Anne realised that Peter would never become the friend she had hoped for.

Who told on the Franks hiding?

None the less, there is written evidence indicating that Ahlers knew Otto had gone into hiding and was aware of his hiding place. In a testimony given to Lee, Ahlers’ 82-year-old brother, Cas, said that Ahlers told him that he betrayed the Franks during the war.

How did Johannes Kleiman know the Franks?

In the early 1920s, Johannes Kleiman got to know Otto Frank when Otto was setting up a branch of his family’s bank in Amsterdam. Johannes was the deputy manager of that branch, he had power of attorney to make decisions, even though he was not a managing director or owner.

How were the Jews restricted in Amsterdam?

Within Amsterdam, Jews were restricted to certain sections of the city. Foreign and stateless Jews were sent directly to the Westerbork transit camp. In July 1942, the Germans began mass deportations of Jews to killing centers in occupied Poland, primarily to Auschwitz but also to Sobibor.

What concentration camp was Anne Frank sent to?

Bergen-Belsen concentration camp

Who is getting suspicious of the secret annex?

Willem van Maaren

Why did Miep Gies help the Franks?

In 1942, Otto Frank informs Miep that he and his family are going into hiding. Though she could be severely punished for helping to hide Jews, Miep immediately offers her support. For two years, Miep Gies supplies those in hiding with part of her food rations, news from the outside, and most importantly, friendship.

How did the Frank family get caught?

Anne Frank captured. Acting on tip from a Dutch informer, the Nazi Gestapo captures 15-year-old Jewish diarist Anne Frank and her family in a sealed-off area of an Amsterdam warehouse.

How long did Anne Frank’s family hide?

761 days

Who is Mr Koophuis Mr Vossen?

Johannes Kleiman

When did Anne Frank go to Auschwitz?

3 September 1944