What factors helped Britain become a global power?

What factors helped Britain become a global power?

Why Did Britain Rise to Global Power in the 1700s?

  • Location control trade during the Renaissance.
  • In the 1700s, winning side in European conflicts.
  • powerful navy, to protect its growing empire and trade.
  • favorable climate to business & commerce.
  • Union of England & Scotland brought economic advantages to both lands.

Which of the following was a central idea in Hobbes’s Leviathan?

In Leviathan (1651), Hobbes argued that the absolute power of the sovereign was ultimately justified by the consent of the governed, who agreed, in a hypothetical social contract, to obey the sovereign in all matters in exchange for a guarantee of peace and security.

What is Baron de Montesquieu’s point of view?

Montesquieu believed that all things were made up of rules or laws that never changed. Montesquieu called the idea of dividing government power into three branches the “separation of powers.” He thought it most important to create separate branches of government with equal but different powers.

Who was Baron de Montesquieu quizlet?

Terms in this set (10) Montesquieu was a great political philosopher of the Enlightenment who believed that the best government was one that had separation of powers and a system of checks and balances. -members of the Parliament held legislative or lawmaking power. The judges of the English courts held judicial power.

What were the main beliefs of Baron de Montesquieu?

Montesquieu argues that the executive, legislative, and judicial functions of government (the so-called tripartite system) should be assigned to different bodies, so that attempts by one branch of government to infringe on political liberty might be restrained by the other branches (checks and balances).

What was the main idea of Baron de Montesquieu’s book The Spirit of Laws quizlet?

What was the main idea of Baron de Montesquieu’s book The Spirit of Laws? Government should be split into separate branches. Citizens are born with certain natural rights. Government enters into a social contract with its citizens.

How John Locke and Baron de Montesquieu influenced the Founding Fathers?

The Founding Fathers read the ideas of Enlightenment thinkers. They read John Locke’s work about natural law and the social contract, and Baron de Montesquieu’s work about separation of powers. The Founding Fathers included these ideas when they wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Which is the best example of a monarch supporting Enlightenment reform?


Which Enlightenment thinker had the greatest influence on the framers of the US Constitution?

John Locke

What policy best reflects the idea of laissez faire?

The growth of the population between 1860 and 1910 provided industrialists with a large workforce and also created greater demand for the consumer goods factories produced. Which policy best reflects the idea of laissez-faire? selling government land grants.

Which Enlightenment thinker was a supporter of capitalism as the most efficient way for economies to operate?

Adam Smith FRSA

How did John Locke and Charles de Montesquieu influence the writing of the US Constitution?

John Locke, the English philosopher, wrote Two Treatises on Government in 1689, a work which not only influenced the American founding fathers, but also Montesquieu himself, as many of Locke’s ideas of natural rights to life, liberty, property and happiness found their way into the Constitution and into The Spirit of …