What episode does Ziva and Tony go undercover?

What episode does Ziva and Tony go undercover?

Under Covers
Under Covers

“Under Covers”
NCIS episode
Tony and Ziva undercover as a married couple
Episode no. Season 3 Episode 8
Directed by Aaron Lipstadt

What episode does DiNozzo go undercover?

“Chained” – #032 – When several Iraqi relics that were smuggled out of Iraq are stolen, Special Agent Dinozzo goes undercover to seize the culprit and the stolen items, on NCIS Tuesday, December 14, 2004 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS. Tom Wright directed the episode written by Frank Military.

What happens in NCIS episode probie?

When McGee shoots an unarmed undercover cop, the team work to clear his name. When McGee shoots an unarmed undercover cop, the team work to clear his name. When McGee shoots an unarmed undercover cop, the team work to clear his name.

What happened NCIS season 5 episode 16?

Gibbs and the team investigate, solve, and find a second killer. Ziva, undercover, goes on a date with a suspected serial killer (a Marine); Tony finds the fifth victim; the suspect threatens Ziva, who resists and shoots him with his piece. Gibbs and the team investigate, solve, and find a second killer.

What season was Tony undercover in NCIS?

“Chained” (Season 2, Episode 10) Tony (Michael Weatherly) went undercover as a prisoner, with Gibbs and Kate (Sasha Alexander) as his backup. But it wasn’t always clear who the most dangerous person was.

What episode is DiNozzo framed?

Nature of the Beast (NCIS)

“Nature of the Beast”
NCIS episode
Episode no. Season 9 Episode 1
Directed by Tony Wharmby
Written by Gary Glasberg

What happens in NCIS season 3 Episode 10?

Summary: While on duty, McGee kills a man who is later discovered to be an undercover police officer. When Jenny decides to approve the investigation on McGee, the NCIS team is forced to prove that McGee is not guilty, pushing Gibbs’ relationship with Jen to the limit. Meanwhile, Tony is troubled by his past.

Who dies in NCIS Season 5 episode 19?

While searching an abandoned diner, four hitmen track Shepard and Franks down and a shootout ensues inside. Jenny and Franks manage to kill all of the men, but Jenny dies from injuries she receives during the gunfight and her body is found by Tony and Ziva.

What happened to Ziva season 5 episode 16?

Synopsis. Ziva’s undercover assingment which consists of her trailing a serial killer suspected of having killed five women while cutting off their fingers and preserving them as trophies goes horribly wrong when the man she’s tracking becomes suspicious of her, forcing Ziva into a life or death situation.

Who Framed DiNozzo for murder?

3. She’s the only person who works alone. After a particularly nasty partner experience—you may remember Charles “Chip” Sterling who briefly worked alongside Abby until he was fired for trying to frame DiNozzo for murder—Abby was granted permission to operate solo.

Does McGee go to jail?

McGee and Torres are arrested on a murder investigation.

What was Director Shepard dying from?

Jennifer “Jenny” Shepard was the Director of NCIS from 2005 until she was killed in action in 2008, dying from injuries sustained in a gunfight in an abandoned diner during the NCIS Season 5 finale, Judgment Day Part 1 (episode).

Does Tony appear in Ziva’s last episode?

While Tony did not appear in any of Ziva’s four appearances, he was very much on her mind during them. These two episodes detailed what he knew about her “death” and ended with her leaving to join him and their daughter in Paris.

Are Tony and Ziva from NCIS a couple?

Tony and Ziva first met shortly after the death of NCIS Special Agent, Caitlin Todd and was later selected her replacement, becoming the Mossad Liaison to NCIS. Tony and Ziva constantly banter and bicker throughout the series, but develop a strong and close relationship and partnership.

What happened to Tony’s wife Ziva on supernatural?

Ziva might not have appeared in Tony’s farewell episode, but she had a major presence. After the team found out about her death (or, rather, supposed death), Tony learned they had a daughter together. He left the team (and United States) to raise Tali in Paris.

Who are Tony and Ziva in The Sopranos?

Tony and Ziva go undercover and under the covers as assassins, a married couple, who recently died, but who apparently have a contract to execute at the Marine Corps birthday ball in Washing… Read all