What episode do we see Hinata in Boruto?

What episode do we see Hinata in Boruto?

Episode 130 of the series sees Boruto meet up with the various Genin of the Hidden Leaf Village at the time, and this includes Hinata Hyuga as Boruto sees just how much his mother was crushing on Naruto way back when.

What Episode does Konohamaru and hanabi?

“The Chūnin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting” (中忍選抜試験推薦会議, Chūnin Senbatsushiken Suisen Kaigi) is episode 50 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

How old is Hanabi Hyuga in Naruto the last?

‘Naruto’ Profile: Hanabi Hyuga

editHanabi Hyūga
Birthdate March 27
Sex Female
Age Part I: 7

What episode does Naruto accept Hinata?

The movie “Naruto the last” which is set between episode 499 and 500 is where they show the relationship happen. In the movie (without giving away too much), Hinata is taken away and Naruto has to go and get her back. It shows Naruto realising his feelings for her and finally kissing her at the end.

Who is konohamaru’s crush?

The Couple. KonoHana (コノハナ KonoHana) is the term used to refer the romantic relationship of Konohamaru Sarutobi and Hanabi Hyūga.

Is Hinata the head of the Hyuga clan in Boruto?

Hinata, the eldest of Hiashi Hyuga’s two children, is raised as the heiress to Hyuga clan’s main household due to Hiashi being the elder between him and his twin brother, Hizashi, and thereby making Hiashi head of the clan while Hizashi is demoted to the Branch House whose only purpose is to serve the upper branch.

Is Hinata Uzumaki a kunoichi?

Hinata Uzumaki (うずまきヒナタ, Uzumaki Hinata, née Hyūga (日向)) is a kunoichi and the former heiress of the Hyūga clan. Because of her meek disposition, her father doubted that she was suited for the responsibilities of leading the clan, much less life as a ninja, leading him to disinherit her.

Does Hinata die in Naruto?

Hinata, however, is still alive, and when Team Guy finds her, Neji gets her immediate medical attention. Sakura Haruno heals Hinata’s injuries, allowing her to tearfully join in the village’s celebration when Naruto returns after defeating Pain. The Konoha shinobi discussing Sasuke.

Can Hinata use ninjutsu in the anime?

While Hinata doesn’t usually use ninjutsu, by the Fourth Shinobi World War, her nature transformations included Fire and Lightning Release. In the anime, she also demonstrated proficiency in medical ninjutsu, able to use the Mystical Palm Technique to heal the wounded.

What does Hinata use her Byakugan for in Naruto?

Main article: Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise When enemy ninja infiltrate Konoha, Hinata uses her Byakugan to locate the intruders and then neutralises them with her Gentle Fist . Hinata and Naruto raising their children. Shortly after getting married, Hinata and Naruto had a son and two years later they had a daughter.