What engine was in Sherman tanks?

What engine was in Sherman tanks?

Five different engines powered the Sherman to war: a Ford gasoline V-8, a Continental nine-cylinder radial, a GM twelve-cylinder (two in-line sixes) diesel, a Chrysler 30-cylinder (five in-line sixes) multibank, and an Ordnance Engine nine-cylinder radial diesel.

What engine did the M4A2 use?

General Motors 6046 engine
The M4A2 Shermans were equipped with a General Motors 6046 engine (2x GM 6-71 General Motors Diesel engines); they have a welded hull, there were 75mm and 76mm versions only. The users were : USSR, USMC (in the Pacific Theater of Operations), France, Britain, Poland. No US Army combat use (Source : Wikipedia).

What’s the biggest V-8 ever made?

At 1,005.8 ci, the “Godfather” is the biggest big-block engine ever built.

Was the Wright-Continental R-975 a good engine?

Ordnance Development of the Wright-Continental R-975 Radial Engine: T his report is very interesting. It shows how long, and just how far the Army and Continental went to try and improve the life of the R-975 tank motor. By the time they were done, it was almost a new motor, but still not a great tank motor.

What is the difference between R975 and R9-A?

When installed in a tank, the R-975 did not have the benefit of being cooled by an air slipstream or propeller blast, so a cooling fan was attached to the power shaft and surrounded by a shroud to provide the same effect. After the war, Continental introduced its own R-975 version for aircraft, the R9-A.

Why was the R975 engine not used in the military?

The engine weighed more than the R975 but had better torque characteristics, and the tanks with this motor handled low-speed operation better because of the superior torque. T his version was ruled out for use by the Army because they didn’t want to complicate the tank supply chain by adding another fuel to it.