What does trepidation stand for?

What does trepidation stand for?

1 : a nervous or fearful feeling of uncertain agitation : apprehension trepidation about starting a new job.

What does trepidation mean example?

Trepidation is fear or anxiety about something that you are going to do or experience. [formal] It was with some trepidation that I viewed the prospect of cycling across Uganda. Synonyms: anxiety, fear, worry, alarm More Synonyms of trepidation.

What is trepidation used in a sentence?

Trepidation sentence example. Yet even back then, behind the smiles, was great trepidation. With extreme trepidation, I complied, closing the door behind me. She was half afraid to speak, fearful that a quake in her voice would expose her trepidation.

What is the synonym of trepidation?

Some common synonyms of trepidation are alarm, dread, fear, fright, panic, and terror. While all these words mean “painful agitation in the presence or anticipation of danger,” trepidation adds to dread the implications of timidity, trembling, and hesitation.

Is Intrepidness a word?

adj. Resolutely courageous; fearless. See Synonyms at brave. [Latin intrepidus : in-, not; see in-1 + trepidus, alarmed.]

Can you have trepidation?

Trepidation is a feeling of anxiety or apprehension about something one is about to take part in or is about to happen. The word trepidation is derived from the Latin word trepidationem which means trembling. The idea is of someone who is trembling with fright.

How do you spell Intrepidation?


What are antonyms of trepidation?

antonyms for trepidation

  • assurance.
  • beauty.
  • calm.
  • calmness.
  • collectedness.
  • composure.
  • confidence.
  • ease.

Is trepidation a feeling?

Trepidation is defined by Dictionary.com as “a feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen” and is a completely normal feeling.

What is the cause of trepidation?

An involuntary trembling, sometimes an effect of paralysis, but usually caused by terror or fear; quaking; quivering. The definition of a trepidation is a trembling movement, fear or nervousness. An example of trepidation is when a speaker’s hands are shaking due to nerves while giving a speech.

Is there a word Trepidacious?

Trepidacious is not a word. adding that “Trepidation, meaning fear or apprehension, is a word, as as trepid (the antonym of the more familiar intrepid), meaning timid or fearful.” (Yeah, like I’m going to use trepid.

What part of speech is trepidation?

mass noun
Trepidation is a mass noun, which is a noun that does not have a plural form. Related words are the adjective trepidatious and the adverb trepidatiously.

How do you spell Trepidatiously?

Trepidatiously definition In a trepidatious manner; with trepidation.

How is intricacy used in a sentence?

Intricacy in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The autistic boy found it easy to grasp the intricacy of the thousand-piece puzzle.
  2. While reading the book, I had to revisit chapters in order to break through the story’s intricacy.
  3. The intricacy of the composition will require the efforts of an entire orchestra.

What is trepidation?

Trepidation is fear or anxiety about something that you are going to do or experience . It was with some trepidation that I viewed the prospect of cycling across Uganda.

What’s the difference between fear and trepidation?

When plain old “fear” isn’t enough to get across a deep feeling of dread about something on the horizon, use the more formal word trepidation.

What is the root word of trepanation?

1. a state of fear or anxiety 2. a condition of quaking or palpitation, esp one caused by anxiety [C17: from Latin trepidātiō, from trepidāre to be in a state of alarm; compare intrepid]

Why do people feel trepidation about the stock market?

One can also sense trepidation in their remonstrations, betraying the conviviality as politeness masking palpable unease. While this may reflect the growth in numbers of markets in recent years, it is also a cause for trepidation.