What does short lived mean?

What does short lived mean?

Something that is short-lived does not last very long. Any hope that the speech would end the war was short-lived. Synonyms: brief, short, temporary, fleeting More Synonyms of short-lived.

What does God expect us to produce?

So you see, according to Jesus, God wants us to bear fruit. And the fruit he wants is the fruit of Christian character, Christian conduct, and Christian converts. You see, none of us are connected to Christ by birth or by nature.

What are the secret of fruitfulness?

God’s creations were empowered to bear fruit. God initiated this from creation when he instilled the seed of fruitfulness in them. To man, he gave the woman the seed – ovum – which, when fertilized by sperm in the right environment will bear fruits.

What word is most like futile?


  • fruitless, vain, pointless.
  • useless, worthless, ineffectual, ineffective, inefficacious, to no effect, of no use, in vain, to no avail, unavailing.
  • unsuccessful, failed, thwarted.
  • unproductive, barren, unprofitable, abortive.
  • impotent, hollow, empty, forlorn, idle, sterile, nugatory, valueless.
  • hopeless, doomed, lost.

What is the antonym of futile?

Useless, in the widest sense, signifies not of use for any valuable purpose, and is thus closely similar to valueless and worthless. Fruitless is more final than ineffectual, as applying to the sum or harvest of endeavor.

What does the Bible mean by being fruitful?

Be fruitful and multiply

What does it mean when someone is enduring?

Enduring means long-lasting. Enduring has roots that go back about 1,500 years to the Late Latin period. It is quite an enduring word! The original root meant hard, so your enduring friendship or your enduring interest in sports is solid enough to stand the test of time.

What does futility mean?

1 : the quality or state of being futile : uselessness His speech focused on the futility of violence. 2 : a useless act or gesture the futilities of debate for its own sake— W. A. White.