What does Selene become at the end of Underworld: Evolution?

What does Selene become at the end of Underworld: Evolution?

Selene is a former Vampire Death Dealer, sired by the Vampire Elder Viktor after he had slaughtered her family unknown to her. She was born to Hungarian parents sometime in 1383. Eventually, she becomes the first Vampire-Corvinus Strain Hybrid.

What is Selene in Underworld: Evolution?

Selene is a character and the main protagonist of the Underworld film franchise, in which she is portrayed by Kate Beckinsale. The character is introduced in the first film, Underworld, as an elite vampire assassin known as a “Death Dealer” who relentlessly hunts down the Lycans for allegedly murdering her family.

How did Selene give birth in Underworld?

It’s implied in Awakening and explicitly stated in Blood Wars that Selene and Michael conceived Eve naturally; Selene was in the early stages of pregnancy when she was captured and so didn’t know she was pregnant yet. Presumably, Selene carried the pregnancy like normal, but whilst being kept in stasis by Antigen.

Who is the girl in the last scene of Underworld: Blood Wars?

Selene discovered that during her final battle with Marius, when a drop of his blood splattered on her lip and she partially read his thoughts. She retreated to the battle cage room and climbed in the cage, then tasted the blood on her blade (Marius blood from their fight) to confirm it (in blurry flashback mode).

Is Selene daughter a hybrid?

Eve, full name possibly Eve Corvin, is the first-born Hybrid and is the daughter of Selene and Michael Corvin. She is also a modern-day descendant of the Corvinus Clan. She is a Hybrid of both immortal species Vampire, and Lycan.

How was Selene able to bring back David?

During the battle, David is fatally wounded and dies in Thomas’s arms. Selene then uses her own Hybrid blood to revive David by cutting him open and introducing her blood directly to his heart, changing David into a Vampire-Corvinus Strain Hybrid.

Is Lucien a hybrid Underworld?

Michael is captured by Pierce and Taylor, two of Lucian’s lieutenants, and is taken to the den. There, Lucian draws Michael’s blood and injects himself with it, creating the first step towards becoming a Hybrid. The second step is to gain access to Amelia’s blood, so that Lucian can inject himself with that as well.

Who is the 3rd elder in Underworld?

The Vampire Elders, also known as Grand Elders and Great Elders, are the three leaders and rulers of the entire vampire population and the most powerful of their kind. The original Elders are the three oldest known Vampires. These three Vampires are Marcus Corvinus, Viktor, and Amelia.

What does Selene become after drinking Corvinus?

Vampire-Corvinus Strain evolved’s Physiology: Because she was sired by Viktor, an Elder, coupled with her respectable age, Selene’s Vampiric abilities are much stronger than most of her Vampire kin, and becomes significantly stronger after the consumption of Alexander Corvinus’s blood and enhanced by Nordic Coven’s …

Is Selene in the Underworld novelization series?

Selene is portrayed as having the same characterization as seen in the film. Selene also appears in the sequel novelization series for Underworld: Evolution. The only novelization series of Underworld she hasn’t appear in is the novelization for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans .

What happened to Selene eyes in Underworld?

At the end of Underworld: Evolution, her eyes are shown to be able to turn almost a pure white and she is now able to walk in the sunlight. Selene is shown using this ability to ambush the lycans in daylight during Underworld: Awakening and to escape with David in Underworld: Blood Wars.

What is the movie Underworld Evolution about?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Underworld: Evolution is a 2006 American action horror film directed by Len Wiseman. The film is a sequel to the 2003 film, Underworld and the second installment in the Underworld franchise. In the film, Selene and Michael fight to protect the future of the Corvinus bloodline from its hidden past.

What is Selene’s prison in Underworld?

Selene is the main protagonist of Underworld, Underworld: Evolution, Underworld: Awakening, and Underworld: Blood Wars. She is also a prominent figure in the anime, video game, the novelizations, and various comic books. You should know, it’s William’s prison. The prison your father was commissioned to build.