What do you mean by active service?

What do you mean by active service?

Active Service means and refer to the state of being paid for services performed or paid while absent for sickness, vacation, holidays or paid leave of absence, but shall not include termination or severance payments.

What meaning in Urdu services?

An act of help or assistance. He did them a service. خدمت گزاری کا عمل

What is the full meaning of service?

noun. an act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service. the supplying or supplier of utilities or commodities, as water, electricity, or gas, required or demanded by the public.

What is another word active?

alive, effective, operating, aggressive, bold, busy, determined, diligent, dynamic, eager, energetic, engaged, enthusiastic, forceful, intense, keen, lively, quick, ready, resolute.

What is the opposite of active service?

What is the opposite of active duty?

disservice hurt
injury surrender

What is active service in the military?

A person who is active duty is in the military full time. They work for the military full time, may live on a military base, and can be deployed at any time. Persons in the Reserve or National Guard are not full-time active duty military personnel, although they can be deployed at any time should the need arise.

How can I write service in Urdu?

There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Service in Urdu is نوکری, and in roman we write it Nokari.

What is the sentence of service?

Service sentence example. The service was a most pleasant experience. You’re saying it’s sinful if you go to a whore house, but take-out service is acceptable? A number of those in attendance asked if the service was still on for seven o’clock.

What active mind means?

adjective. If you have an active mind or imagination, you are always thinking of new things. the tragedy of an active mind trapped by failing physical health. Synonyms: energetic, strong, spirited, quick More Synonyms of active.

What is army active service?

How long is active duty?

Active duty service terms typically last two to six years, but service length may vary depending on your unit’s mission. Reserve duty members do not have the same leave and liberty rules.

What is inactive service in the military?

Also known as an Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), an inactive reservist receives no pay and does not spend any time doing anything within the military—so no drilling or training, and consequently no benefits of service. However, you still can be called for service by the president.

What is application called in Urdu?

There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Application in Urdu is عرضی, and in roman we write it Arzi. The other meanings are Darkhwast, Masrufiyat, Arzi, Iltija and Istemaal.

What is a work service?

Related Definitions Work/Service means the work required to be executed in accordance with the contract/work order or parts thereof, as the case may be or any work of emergent nature, which in the opinion of the Officer-in-charge, become necessary during the progress of the works.

What is the difference between service and services?

The plural form ‘services’ is used mainly because most institutions typically provide not just one service, but a variety or range of services.