What cheese is famous in Wisconsin?

What cheese is famous in Wisconsin?

4 Picks For Wisconsin’s Best Cheeses

  • Marieke Gouda. “Lots of Americans have heard the name Gouda, but most of us are familiar with what’s a young Gouda,” she said.
  • Uplands Cheese Company Pleasant Ridge Reserve.
  • Bleu Mont Dairy Bandaged Cheddar.
  • Uplands Cheese Company Rush Creek Reserve.

What cheese was invented in Wisconsin?

Swiss cheese was one of the first specialty cheeses developed in Wisconsin with production beginning in Green County in 1869. The Italians also did very well making cheese reminiscent of their native homeland.

What is the number one cheese in Wisconsin?

Mozzarella (33.9%) This is the most popular cheese variety in both Wisconsin And the nation, according to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, which compiled these statistics.

What county in Wisconsin produces the most cheese?

Image courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society, image ID 1934. By 1910 there were 222 known cheese factories in Green County alone (including the cheese factory on the Hefty-Blum Homestead), making Green County the number one cheese producing county in Wisconsin.

Why is cheese a Wisconsin thing?

Wisconsin’s immigrant population brought their cheesemaking traditions with them. Swiss cheese was among the first Old-World cheeses produced in Wisconsin, originating with the state’s Swiss immigrants. Italians brought mozzarella, provolone, and gorgonzola.

Why is Wisconsin the cheese capital?

Plymouth, WI is the second largest community in Sheboygan County and is the Cheese Capital of the World and ground zero for the Wisconsin Cheese Industry. It is estimated that 10-15% of the nation’s cheese is processed and sold from Plymouth-based facilities and makes the community the “Cheese Capital of the World”™.

What is the cheese capital of Wisconsin?

Plymouth, Wisconsin, styles itself as “the cheese capital of the world”. The town of 8,445 people, about an hour north of Milwaukee, was once the site of the National Cheese Exchange where cheese commodity prices were set and today about 15% of all US cheese passes through the town.

What city in Wisconsin makes the most cheese?