What are the IBA guidelines?

What are the IBA guidelines?

The IBA Guidelines on Party Representation in International Arbitration are inspired by the principle that party representatives should act with integrity and honesty and should not engage in activities designed to produce unnecessary delay or expense, including tactics aimed at obstructing the arbitration proceedings.

What is document production?

The process of delivering, or making available for review, documents produced during litigation or in response to a request for documents from a regulatory or other body. Discoverable documents in litigation may include both paper (hard copy) documents and electronically stored information (ESI).

When did IBA adopt rules on the taking of evidence in international commercial arbitration?

After public comment on the 2010 Subcommittee draft, the IBA adopted the Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration (the 2010 Rules) on 29 May 2010. Like its predecessor, the 2010 Rules revisions were well received and became widely used.

What are IBA Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest?

(2) Conflicts of Interest (a) An arbitrator shall decline to accept an appointment or, if the arbitration has already been commenced, refuse to continue to act as an arbitrator, if he or she has any doubt as to his or her ability to be impartial or independent.

What is IBA in arbitration?

The International Bar Association (“IBA”) has published several rules and guidelines relating to international arbitration which are designed to streamline the arbitral procedure and facilitate the use of international arbitration as an alternative means of dispute resolution.

What is a Redfern schedule?

The ‘Redfern Schedule’, a device used to organize requests for the production of documents in arbitration, was initially conceived as a way of limiting document production to the documents critical to each party’s case, and avoiding the costs and delays associated with discovery in common law jurisdictions.

What is a conflict of interest in mediation?

A conflict of interest can arise from involvement by a mediator with the subject matter of the dispute or from any relationship between a mediator and any mediation participant, whether past or present, personal or professional, that reasonably raises a question of a mediator’s impartiality. B.

Who is the owner of IBA?

Mauli Teli –
Mauli Teli – CEO & Director – Iba Cosmetics | LinkedIn.

What is IBA full form?

IBA stands for Indian Banks’ Association, which was constituted with the idea of creating a representative body to manage the banking operations in India. In simple terms IBA is the term given to the – “Association of Indian banks and financial institutions”. It came into existence on 26th September 1946.

What are the IBA Rules for investor-state mediation?

The IBA Rules for Investor-State Mediation were adopted by a resolution of the IBA Council on 04 October 2012. The rules are designed for the mediation of investment-related disputes involving States or State entities, only applying when the mediating parties have both agreed that these rules shall apply.

When was the IBA general principles for the legal profession adopted?

The IBA General Principles for the Legal Profession was adopted by the IBA on 20 September 2006.

What are the IBA Rules for taking evidence?

The IBA Rules combine both civil and common law practices for the taking of evidence and they are frequently adopted in commercial, as well as investment, international arbitrations.

What are the IBA Rules for the 2010 IBA translations?

Further, Article 3 (12) (d) of the 2010 IBA Rules, provided that “ translations of Documents shall be submitted together with the originals and marked as translations with the original language identified.