What are the adventure sports of Kashmir?

What are the adventure sports of Kashmir?

Best Activities to do in Kashmir

  • Trekking amidst Great Himalayas & on Deadly Routes.
  • Shikara Ride on the Dal Lake.
  • Camping in Kashmiri Hills.
  • Snowboarding & Skiing.
  • Horse Riding adventure in Srinagar.
  • A thrilling experience while River Rafting.
  • Appreciate the glory of Valley through Paragliding.

Is there skydiving in Kashmir?

Apart From Skydiving, Jammu & Kashmir in 2022 Offers Many Other Outdoor Adventure Sports & Activities to Indian Travellers Like Animal Safari, Boating, Mountain Bike, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Skiing in Jammu & Kashmir.

Is bungee jumping available in Kashmir?

Apart from this, sports like Cross Country Skiing, Snowboarding and Ice Skating have unlimited possibilities in the entire Kashmir valley. In Ladakh and forested hills of Jammu, one can enjoy Bungee Jumps, Mountain Cycling, Jeep Safaris and Cave Exploration.

How much does it cost to go to Kashmir tour?

A vacation to Jammu and Kashmir for one week usually costs around ₨13,798 for one person. So, a trip to Jammu and Kashmir for two people costs around ₨27,597 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs ₨55,194 in Jammu and Kashmir.

What are the main activities of Jammu and Kashmir?


  • Camping at Zanskar.
  • Safari at Dachigam National Pa.
  • Motor biking in Leh.
  • Mountain biking in Leh.
  • Gondola cable car ride.
  • Chadar trek.
  • Pahalgam golf club.
  • Skiing in Gulmarg.

Can we do paragliding in Kashmir?

Jammu, Kud, Batote, Sanasar, and Nathatop are the places in Jammu region best suitable for this adventure sport. There are a lot of adventure clubs in Jammu in Sansar and Batote that offer paragliding facilities. For both parasailing and paragliding at Sanasar, Jammu proper training camps are organized.

What is the cost of sky diving in India?

The skydiving cost in India is almost the same in all places here. For a one-time tandem jump, the price starts from INR 27,000 – INR 35,000. The cost of a static line jump is somewhere between INR 16,000 – 18,000. For accelerated free fall, the cost lies around INR 2,25,000.

How much does bungee jumping cost in India?

Price Table

Activity Type Cost Per Person
Entry Ticket Rs 100
Bungee Jump + Giant Swing Rs 6500
Bungy Jump + Flying Fox Rs 4750

Which is the biggest bungee jump in India?

Jumpin Heights, Rishikesh
Jumpin Heights, Rishikesh, is currently India’s Highest Bungy, at a height of 83 mtrs. The gorgeous hilly terrains are an intrinsic part of Uttarakhand, and cannot be extricated out of the Rishikesh experience. The bungee jumping location is about few minute walk from the serene land.

Is Kashmir safe for tourists?

Tourists are absolutely safe in Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir is one of the states where there is zero crime record against tourists. The locals are very supportive and helpful towards tourists.

Which thing is famous in Kashmir?

Kashmir is famous for dry fruits, Pashmina shawls, silverware, traditional jewelry, and carpets.

Is paragliding is available in Gulmarg?

Paragliding in Jammu and Kashmir is a popular adventure sport that attracts tourists here. Paragliding in Gulmarg Kashmir gives tourists a view of beautiful hamlets and hills at an awe altitude of 2730 meters and beautiful, spine-chilling views.

Is there paragliding in Gulmarg?

This was my first paragliding experience and Gulmarg is an incredible place if you are a first timer. I loved the entire experience of paragliding. The view is just great. Before the flight, I was a bit scared but after 2-3 minutes of my fear and nervousness flew away with the flight and I enjoyed the trip a lot.