Should I wake the Krogan Mass Effect 2?

Should I wake the Krogan Mass Effect 2?

Yes, there is no downside to waking him up, he is a badass.

How can we save the batarian victims?

Use the paragon interrupt when prompted. This will cause Shepard to heal the batarian automatically with some Medi-Gel (don’t worry, there are plenty of refills on this map and in Mordin’s clinic).

Is Garrus an archangel?

Garrus assumes the moniker of “Archangel” and spreads the word of what he’s doing by going after thugs personally. Before long, Garrus’ squad expands to twelve members, including himself, Sidonis, a salarian explosives expert, a batarian tech expert, and various former mercs, security consultants, and C-Sec agents.

Can you keep Garrus from getting injured?

The best way to prevent Garrus from taking damage is to position yourself or a squadmate closer to the attackers than Garrus is, as this will cause them to shift their attention away from Garrus. If Garrus is their closest target, he’ll get mauled.

Can Batarians be saved?

You can choose to try and save the Batarian colonists by warning them about the danger or save yourself on the Normandy. This decision doesn’t make a difference to the mission results. Dr.

Should you warn Batarian colonies or call Normandy?

For many Shepards, especially ones playing a Paragon route, the choice is obvious: warn the Batarian colonies ASAP to try and save thousands and millions of lives. However, that escape to Normandy option is tempting, especially if ignoring it could lead to the death of a main character or a squad member somehow.

What is a vanguard in Mass Effect 2?

Vanguards are feared for their high-risk high-reward combat style, closing quickly on enemies and destroying them at close range with weapons and biotic abilities. The main difference between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 is that the Vanguard is now more focused on close combat.

Is Mordin good in Mass Effect 2?

Even in higher difficulties, Mordin is the only member in Mass Effect 2 that can tear through armored enemies with ease. Paired with his Omni-Tool upgrade and a maxed-out Cryo Blast and you can use Mordin to incapacitate and weaken multiple enemies in one fell swoop.

How good is Garrus in Mass Effect 2?

Similar to the first game, Garrus retains his long-range proficiency in Mass Effect 2. His class, Turian Rebel, also lets him one-shot enemy shields with Overload when maxed out.

What are the best weapons for Vanguard in Mass Effect?

While shotguns don’t have access to the Carnage ability from the first Mass Effect, they are still effective at dealing massive damage in a short amount of time. SMGs are a huge boost to the Vanguard’s arsenal because they allow the class to effectively engage at mid-range, rather than purely relying on pistols for this task.