Make GCSE English Coursework

GCSE English Coursework Will Test Horn Your Language Skills for the Future

Any form of coursework is intended to evaluate the student’s level of understanding of the subject and how much of the teaching has been properly assimilated. Your understanding and knowledge of all that has been done in your class up to date will be tested in your coursework. Coursework is common to different levels of studies starting from middle school, or GCSE level to A Level and then in Collage years. GCSE English Coursework is compulsory for all students and comes mainly in the form of essay writing. Your English coursework allows you to study the language better and to be more fluent with your vocabulary as well as writing. They are intended at horning your skills for future years.

Types of Coursework

Your English coursework will include reading, writing and speech. One common assignment is question and answer style coursework. You will be given a book or any other item to read and then you will be asked to answer certain questions regarding the item read. Read the questions carefully and make sure you answer all directly and to the point. You may also be called on to write a review of the material such as a book review essay. Students are expected to read certain material such as a book, a play or a poem and answer questions related to the content, the style, the underlying ideas etc. It is important to read and comprehend properly in order to write interesting reviews or different types of essays as informative essays, narration essays or argumentative essays. You would also be expected to express your ideas in the speech segments of the coursework. At this level of study, the English coursework will sharpen a variety of your communication skills as well since language proficiency will directly relate to your ability to communicate better.

Pre Planning the Writing

Generally the GCSE Coursework, accounts for 30-40% of the subject marks. Therefore, students must plan the writing process prior to the actual writing. Most often you will be given prompts to write an essay. These are intended to help you with the task of selecting an essay topic and an essay title. Once you have chosen a particular topic and given a title to your work, draft out an essay outline. It helps you to gather your thoughts on the matter and organize in a proper manner. When you have an outline, you know where each piece of information will fit it. Many a times students makes the mistake of writing a point at the beginning of the essay and then mentioning some information pertaining to the same point towards very end of the essay again.

Importance of Outlining

For example, if you are writing an essay on “Essential Health Habits for Teenagers” then you will have a number of key points which will make up the body paragraphs such as having a nutritious breakfast, avoiding excessive consumption of junk food; avoiding consumption of carbonated drinks, taking part in sports etc. So, in your essay, information pertaining to each point should be groped together. The essay should flow from one point to the other smoothly with transition lines. When you plan your essay with an essay outline, you will gave the title, sub headings and conclusion so all information relevant to different sub headings will go to each section. This avoids repetitions as well as omissions.

Formatting Standards

At GCSE Level you will be required to adhere to certain formatting standards as well as referencing systems. The common system is the MLA system but some may require APA style of formatting as well. If the coursework info does not provide instructions on this, it is best that students clarify the matter with the tutors.