Is the Klon KTR still in production?

Is the Klon KTR still in production?

Klon KTR pedals will be made with new components, Bill Finnegan confirms. The good news we learned from Klon designer Bill Finnegan’s first YouTube livestream (opens in new tab) is that production KTR overdrive pedal (opens in new tab) will indeed be starting again.

How many Klon KTR are made?

BRIEF HISTORY OF THE KLON CENTAUR Roughly 8,000 units were produced between 1994 and the early 2000s, and is now a widely sought after collector’s item. They currently sell on the market from upwards of $1500.

Who builds the Klon KTR?

The Klon KTR captures all the magic of the legendary Klon Centaur Boost/OD. It’s 100% designed by the original manufacturer, Bill Finnegan. Overdrive Mode: With the Gain turned up (starting at about 10 O’clock) the creamy overdrive tones are addicting.

When was the Klon KTR made?

Finnegan redesigned the Centaur as the Klon KTR, released in 2014. His goal was to create a straightforward design that could be built by a contracted manufacturing firm and would be easy to repair, among other considerations, while preserving the Centaur sound. The Klon KTR took two years to design and sold for $269.

Does Paul Cochrane still make Timmy?

PLEASE NOTE: THE V2 VERSION OF THE PAUL COCHRANE TIMMY PEDALS ARE NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION BY PAUL. If you’re looking for the V2 circuit, it is now available as a collaboration between Paul and MXR as the CSP027 Timmy Mini Pedal.

Why is the Klon Centaur so good?

The Klon is particularly celebrated for the ‘transparent’ nature of its overdrive. In essence, this means that the pedal causes your signal to overdrive, without ‘colouring’ your tone in any way. It adds warmth and gain to your tone, whilst preserving the natural sound of your guitar and amp.

How many Klon Centaurs were made?

8,000 units
The Birth of Boutique Through the pedal’s 15-year production run, Finnegan personally hand-built some 8,000 units on his wobbly, folding card table before calling it a day in 2009.

Is the Klon KTR same circuit?

The Klon KTR uses the same circuit as the Centaur. The main difference is that smaller surface-mounted components were used so the entire circuit could fit into a smaller pedal enclosure.

What is Klon KTR?

The Klon KTR is the legendary reissue of the original KLON Centaur pedals. Produced by Bill Finnegan, the reissues match the tonality and performance of the original legendary Silver and Gold Centaur units in a smaller, more compact housing, with switchable buffer, and surface mount components.

Are Klon pedals still being made?

The legendary Klon Centaur overdrive pedal, a once-obscure unit developed by one Bill Finnegan and discontinued in 2009, is now available once again. Under the username klondirectsales (opens in new tab), Finnegan will sell the new run direct from eBay as he makes them by hand.