Is the Crossfire series worth it?

Is the Crossfire series worth it?

But Crossfire is definitely worth the investment. I liked the story line better in the crossfire series. 50 shades was good but seemed thin on the story and heavy on the sex, crossfire was a bit better balanced.

Does the Crossfire series have a happy ending?

Just when Eva seems to have it all together, things begin to unravel. The ending, however sad, brings you to a happy place of love and happiness between Gideon and Eva. This is the last in the five-book series for Gideon and Eva, and personally, for me it was bittersweet.

What is the order of the Crossfire series?

Bared to You2012Reflected in You2012Entwined With You2013Captivated by You2014One with You2016
Experience the passion of Eva and Gideon’s romance in these five intensely sensual Crossfire novels: Bared to You, Reflected in You, Entwined with You, Captivated by You and the breathlessly awaited finale One With You.

Is there a sixth book in crossfire series?

NEW YORK — With the release of “One with You,” romance novelist Sylvia Day closes her five-novel Crossfire series, which follows the love story between Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell.

What’s the Crossfire series about?

About this Series #1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day’s blockbuster Crossfire novels follow the passionate, sexually-charged, and troubled relationship between haunted souls Eva Tramell and Gideon Cross as they struggle with the personal demons of their past in order to embrace their loving future together.

Is afterburn aftershock a series?

Afterburn & Aftershock (2 book series) Kindle Edition. America’s premier author of provocative fiction delivers the first installment of a series set within the inner circle of glamour, sex and privilege. Now an original movie from PassionFlix.

What should I read after Sylvia Day Crossfire series?

5 Romances for Fans of Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series

  • One with You (Crossfire Series #5) Paperback $15.99 $17.99.
  • The Siren. Paperback $13.95.
  • Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Series #1) Paperback $16.99.
  • Naked in Death (In Death Series #1) Paperback $8.99.
  • Mastered. Paperback $17.00.
  • Hardwired (Hacker Series #1) Paperback $15.99.

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