Is the Akbronco prime good?

Is the Akbronco prime good?

Akbronco Prime is pretty good since the weapon rebalancing. I use them with a riven on my Zephyr and they can pack a serious punch at close range. Their biggest downside is their long reload time and small ammo capacity, but they make up for it with large rapid damage output.

Is tenora prime good?

Overall, the Tenora Prime is a very capable Rifle. It can take on just about any enemy in the game with its two firing modes, and is very well rounded in both high direct damage output as well as Status capabilities. Besides an issue of poor ammo efficiency, it has no major downsides or weaknesses.

Will there be a nidus prime?

Nidus Prime was revealed at Tennocon 2021 and will be the next Prime Warframe that is added to the game. Nidus Prime will release on September 8, although the exact release time is unknown. It is likely to arrive some time between 12:00 CT and 14:00 CT, as most Warframe updates fall within this window.

Is the Strun prime good?

While the Strun Wraith generally improves on the strun. It was still a weapon that I would pick for high level missions like level 70+. The Strun Prime is a weapon that I would take to high level because it is the best Strun Variant right now and possibly one of the best Primed shotguns right now.

Is there a difference between akbronco Prime and Bronco Prime?

oddly enough, akbronco prime does the same damage as a regular bronco, so if you were to build akbronco prime, or bronco prime, I’d suggest just building bronco prime.

What is the fire rate of akbronco Prime?

Decreased AkBronco Prime’s fire rate from 8.33 to 5.5. Fixed Bronco Prime and Akbronco Prime having switched Mastery Ranks. Damage increased from 20 to 50.

Do you need Orokin cells for akbronco Prime?

The Akbronco Prime is the first primed dual secondary. Unlike most segregated akimbo secondaries, the Akbronco Prime can be crafted without an Orokin Cell, and is instead replaced by an Orokin link of some kind. 20 Orokin Cells are needed for crafting 2 Bronco Primes, however.

Are Brakk and Detron good weapons?

Brakk/detron aren’t bad choices, but brakk has falloff (but still the highest DPS of all weapons IIRC) If you liked the lex, you might like the aklex obv. Other than that, vasto/akvastos are pretty solid weapons too.