Is Sonia Nevermind a Nirvana reference?

Is Sonia Nevermind a Nirvana reference?

Sonia’s surname is taken from the title of the band Nirvana’s second album, Nevermind. Her home country of Novoselic is named after Nirvana’s bassist, Krist Novoselic.

Does Sonia Nevermind like Gundham?

Gundham Tanaka She constantly sides with Gundham, even going off with him to explore the Fun House before Kazuichi noticed. In the main story, Sonia is also the only one who has made Gundham blush. It’s implied that they have a romantic interest in each other, much to Kazuichi’s annoyance.

Is Sonia Nevermind a serial killer?

Sonia had a twisted and villainous personalities in the novel Danganronpa: Togami making very evil killer, she is seen very mentally Ill as she kills many innocent people without feeling a little sympathy.

Is Sonia Nevermind an actual princess?

Sonia Nevermind is the characters featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. She has the title Ultimate Princess. She is the princess of Novoselic, which is a small European monarchy. At the end of the game, she and the other survivors managed to escape to the real world.

What is Sonia Nevermind real last name?

Her surname was taken from Nirvana’s second album, “Nevermind”. Sonia’s home country, “Novoselic”, was named after Nirvana’s bassist, Krist Novoselic. I know and I love this SO MUCH!! She comes from Novoselic – Nirvana’s bassist was called Krist Novoselic!

Does Kazuichi soda like Gundham?

Canon. Soda has a One-sided rivalry with Gundham over Sonia, they end arguing in Chapter 3’s class trial, throwing childish insults and threatening on killing each other. However, they also share some more friendly interactions.

How did Gundham get his scar?

The grey scar that runs through his left eye onto his right cheek appears to be a tattoo. His left arm, which he calls the “cursed arm,” is bandaged up to the elbow, presumably from injuries he received while taking care of his animals.

Who is Sonia Nevermind?

“My name is Sonia Nevermind. I am foreign exchange student from a small European kingdom called Novoselic. I may cause trouble here and there, but I hope we can get along well.” “So, to be able to do something like this with everyone is a new experience for me…

Can I spend the last free time event with Sonia Nevermind?

Click to expand at your own risk. This article covers information about Sonia Nevermind ‘ s Free Time Events, which feature in the game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair . Note: Due to plot reasons, you cannot spend the last Free Time Event (6th Hope Fragment) with Sonia in all of Chapter 4.

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Who is Sonia Nevermind in Tokyo Ghoul?

Sonia Nevermind first appeared after she found Byakuya and Shinobu Togami hiding in a back alley. Using her expensive armored car, she brought her soldiers from the Kingdom of Novoselic to confront Byakuya in Prague, Czech Republic.