Is self binding gravel any good?

Is self binding gravel any good?

Yes, self binding gravel is suitable for driveways. It’s a great alternative to some of the other driveway or garden surfacing options. The gravel binds together when it’s rolled to create a self-compacted surface which stays more firm underfoot compared to traditional loose aggregate surfaces.

How deep should self binding gravel be?

Dig out the area to approximately 15 to 20cm (6 to 8inches) deep. This allows room for at least 10cm (4 inches) of Crusherrun and 5 to 10cm (2 to 4 inches) of Self Binding Gravel. This is just a basic guide though, you can change these to suit your needs but we advise these as a minimum.

Can you make self binding gravel?

Edgings are generally made from timber, concrete or block paviours. Self Binding Gravels need to spread and compacted in thin layers. We recommend a finished compacted depth of no more than 50mm. Initially a 15-20mm layer should be spread using the back of a rake or screeding board.

Is self-binding gravel any good for a patio?

Self-binding gravels contain significant quantities of fines which helps them loosely bind together, rendering them incredibly useful of landscaping projects.

What is the best gravel for compaction?

Crushed stone: The term “crushed stone” usually refers to stone that has a mixture of stone dust in it. This type of stone is best used for a base when heavy compaction is needed.

Can self-binding gravel be laid on concrete?

Self-Binding Gravel is an easy to lay alternative to traditional materials such as flags, paving, macadam or concrete. The gravel binds together when rolled to provide a self compacted surface which remains firmer underfoot than conventional loose aggregate.

How do you stabilize loose gravel?

The two most effective methods for stabilizing pea gravel are cement and permeable pavers. If you’re stabilizing pea gravel with cement, it will hold for a while until it’s eventually damaged by traffic and water exposure.

How long does it take for self-binding gravel to harden?

This can vary from between one week in the height of summer to two weeks plus in the wet colder winter months. The area should remain unused in this period. Breedon Gravel should be treated with respect in the first three months whilst gaining strength.