Is Prempeh College a university?

Is Prempeh College a university?

Prempeh College is a public secondary boarding school for boys located in Kumasi, the capital city of the Ashanti Region, Ghana. The school was founded in 1949 by the Asanteman traditional authority, the British Colonial Government, the Methodist Church Ghana and the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

Which SHS in Ghana has produced more doctors?

Prempeh College
Prempeh College has produced the most doctors in Ghana. [3][4] According to the Registrar of the University of Ghana, by 1974 Prempeh College had sent more students to medical school in Ghana than any other school.

Which school is the oldest in Ghana?

The Philip Quaque Boys School in Cape Coast beats them all in age. It is the first formal school in Ghana.

Is Prempeh College a Catholic?

In the Ashanti region, “AKATAKYIE” and “AMANFOƆ” are considered the fiercest rivals. OWASS and PREMPEH are among the best elite schools in the country….Profile – OWASS vs PREMPEH.

Religious affiliation(s) Catholic Church -Ghana Presbyterian Church of Ghana Methodist Church -Ghana

Who builds Prempeh?

Asantehene Sir Osei Tutu Agyeman Prempeh II
Founded in 1949 by Asantehene Sir Osei Tutu Agyeman Prempeh II. Prempeh is the academic home of more than 1,600 young men, of whom approximately 90% are in the boarding school. The college has a parent body (PTA) and Old Boy’s Association (AMANFOO).

Who is the headmaster of Prempeh College?


When was Bece introduced?

Accra (Greater Accra) 07 April 2003 – This year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination, BECE, starts this morning, Monday 07 April 2003 with a total of 268,284 candidates from 7,105 schools sitting in eight or nine subjects throughout the country.

Which SHS was first in Ghana?

Many people or students know Mfantsipim to be one of the secondary schools in Ghana who are good interms of sports and academics but do not actually know the school is the first oldest school in Ghana nor to talk of they knowing the year it was established.

Which SHS was first built in Ghana?

Mfantsipim is a Methodist secondary school in Cape Coast, Ghana. It has origins in the first secondary school to be established in the Gold Coast, (now Ghana), Wesleyan High School, founded on 3 April 1876.

Is Opoku Ware a good school?

In the 2019 WASSCE ranking by GES, Opoku Ware was the 7th best school in Ashanti Region while Prempeh followed with the 8th position.

Who established mfantsipim school?

John Mensah Sarbah
In 1905 a graduate of the school, John Mensah Sarbah, founded a rival school named Mfantsipim; the name derives from “Mfantsefo-apem”, literally meaning “thousands of Fantes” but actually meaning “the gathering of hosts of scholars for change” originally by Fantes.

How many houses does Prempeh College have?

Prempeh college has 9 houses; Ramseyer, Freeman, Pearson, Aggrey, Guggisburg, Osei Tutu, Serwaa, Opoku Ware and Butler houses.

What is the best grade in BECE?

Below are marks and their grades in BECE. 90-100 is graded as 1, GRADE AA+. It is the HIGHEST grade in the grading system.

Which countries write BECE?

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is the main examination to qualify students for admission into secondary and vocational schools in Ghana, and Nigeria. It is written after three years of junior secondary education.