Is it OK than or OK then?

Is it OK than or OK then?

It’s just the same as ok Example: Ok then, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. “OK than” means nothing.

Is GetSmarter accredited?

Whilst GetSmarter offers educational short courses in collaboration with some of the world’s top universities, we are not an accredited educational institution and we do not have campuses.

Is Smarter a grammatically correct word?

Yet, “smarter” is the correct form in the comparative of the word “smart.” Why is this? Here’s our rule: When comparing items with single-syllable, use “-er” or “-est.” When comparing items with multiple syllables, use “more” or “less.” And never the two shall mix.

How do you get into LSE Summer School?

There is no minimum age requirement for the Summer School. However, in order to apply students must at least have an offer of a place at university. If you do not hold an offer you will not be eligible to apply. If you are a UK student, you may however be interested in LSE’s Widening Participation programmes.

Is going to Harvard Summer School Worth It?

YES, it IS worth it… Harvard Summer School is a great experience and there is a lot of cool stuff available to students! Along with classes, there are all sorts of conferences. YES, it IS worth it… Harvard Summer School is a great experience and there is a lot of cool stuff available to students!

How much does LSE Summer School cost?

Flight and dorm-style residence halls (arranged by LSE) are not included.

Estimated Expenses Summer 2021 – One Session
Total $8,060
Estimated Expenses Summer 2021 – Two Sessions
LSE Program Fee (charged to UMN student account) $5,100
CGI Program Fee (charged to UMN student account) $750

Is scarier a real word?

more scary- would be (scarier) the most scary (scariest) as this is discriptive you can always use this to remember for other words such as (hot,cold,old,new for example;new,newer,newest.

Is it smarter than or smarter then?

They are both correct. Usage trumps reference and the majority of native English speakers use ‘me’ over ‘I’. With “smarter than I”, than is used as a conjunction and the verb to be is implied to make “smarter than I am”.

How do I get into London School of Economics?

LSE Undergraduate admission tips

  1. Research the various UG programs and your chosen programs.
  2. Show that you read and analyze what you read.
  3. Take part in activities that further your interest in your chosen subject.
  4. Meet or exceed LSE’s academic requirements.
  5. Spend time on drafting your personal statement.

How much are LSE online courses?

They cost around £2k and last between 1.5 to 2.5 months.

Do employers take online degrees seriously?

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 92 percent of employers view online degrees from brick-and-mortar schools as favorable, while only 42 percent would consider a candidate with an online degree from a university that operates solely online, despite any accreditation.

Do summer programs look good for college?

Colleges do like to see that you’re taking advantage of your summers to participate in meaningful activities. By attending a pre-college summer program, you can demonstrate your interest in academics and show that you’re motivated to do more than what’s required to pursue your academic passions.

Is Dumber a real word?

Here, the adjective form is dumb and the comparative form is dumber. This works for adjectives that have one or two syllables such as nice or pretty. Rules for comparatives. But when a word has three or more syllables, you cannot use the –er suffix to make a comparison.

Is it free to get smarter?

At Khan Academy, the cost of a world-class education is still free. After ten years, the online learning platform keeps adding new courses in math, science, history and more. Founder and CEO Sal Khan explains how their courses help fill learning gaps for kids in school and at home.

What courses does LSE offer?

  • Undergraduate BA Anthropology and Law. Starting 2021.
  • Undergraduate BA Geography. Starting 2021.
  • Undergraduate BA History.
  • Undergraduate BA Social Anthropology.
  • Undergraduate BSc Accounting and Finance.
  • Undergraduate BSc Actuarial Science.
  • Undergraduate BSc Data Science.
  • Undergraduate BSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics.

Is get smarter worth it?

GetSmarter is legit and has been around for a while. The MIT domain is also another indicative that the course is legit. The course would be worth it the 2.300$. But if the certificate is like the ones from edX, not as great.

Does LSE offer online degrees?

The University of London and LSE are transforming seven of their existing textbook-based distance learning programmes into flexible and interactive online degrees. Graduates will be awarded a degree from the University of London with academic direction for the programmes being provided by LSE.