Is home distillation legal in UK?

Is home distillation legal in UK?

Home brewing of beer and wine is legal in the UK, but distilling of spirits is illegal without a licence.

Can I distill my own whiskey UK?

In the UK it is not legal to distil alcohol without a licence from Revenue and Customs and this includes alcohol for your own consumption.

Is it legal to make alcohol at home UK?

The process of making spirits and liqueurs at home is no different from that of making other beverages at home. There is no law in the UK that allows you to distill alcohol without a license from Revenue and Customs, including alcohol for your own use.

Do I need a licence to distill gin?

But the good news is that despite the name, you don’t actually need a full distillers license to distil gin. When we make gin we are re-distilling a neutral spirit with your botanicals. Which according to the law makes you a rectifier and not a distiller. And a rectifier’s license is much easier license to get.

Can I make gin at home UK?

Believe it or not, you can make a batch of bespoke, aromatic gin at home, without any high-tech equipment or a chemistry degree. Gin is made by distilling a neutral grain alcohol with juniper berries and other botanicals to make the fragrant spirit we all know and love.

Can you make gin at home legally?

“The technical name for this is compound gin but it’s also sometimes called ‘bathtub gin’, in reference to the vessel in which batches were illegally made during American Prohibition in the 1920s. “There’s nothing illegal about whipping up a bit of your own homemade gin – and it can be great fun.

Can you make rum in the UK?

Dark Matter Distillers The only rum in Britain made from molasses derived from UK sugar cane. They have also developed a very modern and striking visual brand. Currently they only have a Spiced Rum available but there are plans to introduce a White Rum soon. For more information visit their website.

Can you distill gin in UK?

Distilling is very tightly controlled. It is against UK law to put alcohol in a still without having proper approval. There are a multitude of different licences that you will need depending on what products you want to make, how you want to make them, how to age them, duty arrangements etc.

Can you distill old beer?

Re: Can I distill old beer to get the alcohol out of it? Depends on how much hops are in the beer, it’ll come over in the distillate. If you decide to try, be sure to degas the beer before you start.

Do I need a Licence to distill gin?

Is moonshine illegal in UK?

England. In England, an excise licence is required to manufacture spirits by any means. The penalty for “moonshine” (illegally manufactured spirits) is a fine of up to £1,000 and confiscation of the spirit-making equipment.

Can you distill whiskey at home?

Home > Whiskey > Is It Legal To Make Whiskey In California? Alcohol can’t be distilled without a permit in California. It is illegal to distill alcohol with human consumption in mind in California without a permit. Although distilling alcohol for fuel may be illegal, it may be legal to do so.

What licence do I need to distill gin?

In order to get a license to distil gin from your home you need to: Fill out form L5 and apply for a rectifier’s license. Explain how you are going to make sure that all duty is paid and how you are going to distil safely.

Can I distill store bought beer?

In spite of being legal at the federal level, distilling is illegal in California.

Do I need a Licence to make gin?

What is a compounder’s licence?

Compounder’s licence. If you distinctly alter the character or flavour of a spirit with another substance, other than water, but don’t use a still to do so, you need a compounder’s licence. This doesn’t include mixed drinks solely for consumption on the premises, for example, cocktails.

Do I need a rectifier’s or compounders licence?

In order to do this, a rectifier’s or compounder’s licence will be necessary, depending on the method of manufacture used (read paragraph 14 for more information about rectifying and compounding). 7. Measuring wort, wash, gravity and alcoholic strength

Will a distiller’s licence be granted by HMRC?

Where a business is looking to secure necessary finance (for example, to purchase premises), financial institutions have in some cases, asked the applicant for an indication that a distiller’s licence will be granted by HMRC.

Do I need to send HMRC information when applying for a licence?

You may also need to send HMRC information to support your application. Use form WMW1 if you’re applying for a licence as a: You’ll get a unique reference number once you’ve submitted the form and can use it to track the form’s progress online.