Is Elite FTS Made in USA?

Is Elite FTS Made in USA?

Of course if you have the space you can add dumbells, a GHR and much more. But, to get started, this is really all you need. And every product I listed today is Made in USA. You are supporting all of the employees of EliteFTS, Spud Inc and all of their distribution and supply chains.

How much does a EliteFTS football bar weigh?

35 pounds
Handles are 6″, 14″ and 22.5″ apart. Each handle is 1 1/4″ in diameter. Bar weighs 35 pounds.

Who started Elite FTS?

Traci and Dave Tate
Co-founded by Traci and Dave Tate, elitefts was born in 1998 with one simple goal: to make average athletes great and great athletes elite.

What does Elite FTS stand for?

The Letters: elite Focus; elite Trust, elite Strength, eliteFTS. Focus brings a life with purpose and aim. Trust is built through education, quality and service. Strength and prosperity comes as a biproduct of adversity.

How much does a Cadillac Bar weigh?

The Kadillac Bar package is 42 x 9 x 11 inches and weighs 50lb 4 oz/23kg.

What is a Duffalo bar?

The Duffalo bar is a curved bar created by Kabuki Strength that can be used for both squats and bench presses. The curvature of the bar allows for an easier grip on squats to take pressure off the shoulder joint and promotes scapular retraction and forces more pec engagement for the bench press.

How old is Dave Tate powerlifter?

I interviewed Dave Tate, 41-year-old businessman and world-class powerlifting expert, on January 13th.

Who owns Elite FTS?

Dave Tate
Dave Tate is the founder and CEO of, staffed by experienced professionals dedicated to providing strength coaches, athletes and trainers with the highest-quality equipment, personalized service and extensive knowledge needed to advance their training programs.

Who started EliteFTS?

How heavy is the Kabuki Cadillac Bar?


Gear Specs
Brand Kabuki Strength
Bushing/Bearing Bushing
Bar Weight 55LB
Knurl Sharp

What is a Kabuki bar?

The Kadillac Bar is Kabuki Strength’s version of the football bar that utilizes the same curvature as the ever-popular Duffalo Bar. Sleeves are machined to the Olympic standard which allows the use of regular collars, and traditional end caps for both tight tolerances on plates, but also a great look.

Is Duffalo bar easier or harder?

In this case, bench lighter than your competition bench because the Duffalo bar is a harder movement. If you are deep into the offseason and have plenty of time, I would recommend to Duffalo bar bench press 1-3 times per week replacing or in combination with your competition bench press.

Is Duffalo bar easier?

The Duffalo Bar allows for easier scapular retraction, lat engagement, and consequently a better position from which to brace and stabilize.

Is Louie Simmons still alive?

March 24, 2022Louie Simmons / Died

What is a Kadillac bar?

How thick is the Duffalo bar?

The Duffalo Bar is a 32mm bar.

Why do people bench with Buffalo bars?

The Buffalo bar (55 lbs): This multi-purpose bar can be used for both squatting and bench pressing. The slight bow of the bar helps it to sit across the shoulders in a very relaxing position during squatting, while also taking pressure off of the shoulders and elbows.

Can you bench with Duffalo bar?

The Duffalo bar is a curved bar created by Kabuki Strength that can be used for both squats and bench presses.