Is Cordyceps legal in India?

Is Cordyceps legal in India?

Sale of Cordyceps is banned in India.

What is Cordyceps sinensis used for?

Traditional healers in Sikkim recommend the fungus/mushroom Cordyceps sinensis for “all illnesses” as a tonic, because they claim that it improves energy, appetite, stamina, libido, endurance, and sleeping patterns. It is a rare combination of a caterpillar and fungus found in Sikkim at altitudes above 3,800 m.

Where are Cordyceps sinensis found?

Tibetan Plateau
Particularly, Ophiocordyceps sinensis, a genus of ascomycete fungi, which parasitize mainly on insects and other arthropods, has been intensively studied in various disease models. This fungus is found naturally in the Tibetan Plateau and neighboring regions, including China, Nepal, Tibet, and India.

Is Cordyceps sinensis good for you?

Animal and lab studies suggest Cordyceps have the potential to improve heart health and fight inflammation, cancer, diabetes and aging.

Where is Himalayan Viagra found?

In India it is primarily found in Uttarakhand in the higher reaches of districts like Pithoragarh and Chamoli.

Which mushroom is very costly in India?

Gucchi mushroom
Gucchi: Found In India, World’s Most Expensive Mushroom Costs Up To Rs 30000/Kg. India is the only place where the rare Gucchi mushroom is found. This variety has a host of health benefits, and a unique flavour that makes it stand apart from other types of mushrooms.

How do you take Cordyceps sinensis?

Cordyceps has most often been used by adults in doses of 3-6 grams by mouth daily for up to 1 year. Most cordyceps supplements are made in a lab. Natural cordyceps is hard to get and might be expensive. Speak with a healthcare provider to find out what dose might be best for a specific condition.

Why is Cordyceps so expensive?

Cordyceps has been used for centuries in China as a general tonic. However, it is very expensive because it grows only at very high altitudes in the Himalayas of Tibet and China. Cordyceps grown in the wild is available, but its harvesting is controversial.

Which is better Cordyceps Militaris or sinensis?

Cordyceps May Have Antioxidative Properties However, the same study concluded that Cordyceps sinensis was better at inhibiting protein oxidation than Cordyceps militaris, which effectively prevents neurogenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s.

Can I take Cordyceps every day?

When taken by mouth: Cordyceps is possibly safe for most people when taken in doses of 3-6 grams daily for up to 1 year. It might cause mild side effects such as diarrhea, constipation, and stomach discomfort.

Why Cordyceps is known as natural Viagra?

In addition to the above mentioned medicinal values, Cordyceps genus is also known as Himalayan Viagra due to its positive effects on sexual stamina enhancement [15].

Is Yarsagumba a Viagra?

They came in search of what is known as caterpillar fungus, or yarsagumba in Nepali. A parasitic fungus, it forms out of the head of ghost moth larvae living in the soil at altitudes above 10,000 feet, and has been used as an aphrodisiac for at least a thousand years, earning it the nickname Himalayan Viagra.

Can you take Cordyceps every day?

Can we grow Cordyceps sinensis?

sinensis can grow on artificial substrates and the ghost moth has been successfully reared, the large-scale artificial cultivation of Chinese cordyceps has only recently been accomplished after several decades of efforts and attempts.

What is the price of Cordyceps militaris in India?

But now a new mushroom species is touted to be of medicinal value and is priced at a whopping Rs 1.50 lakh per kg. Called cordyceps militaris, this new breed of mushroom has always been part of Chinese and Tibetan herbal medicines.

Where is Cordyceps found in India?

Sikkim, another Himalayan state where the fungus is found, has acquired sniffer dogs specifically trained to detect Cordyceps on a person. Estimates suggest that Uttarakhand supplies more than 400 kg of the produce to global black markets every year. Forest department confiscates the harvest once in a while but regulation is not always possible.

What is Cordyceps sinensis?

Cordyceps sinensis also known as caterpillar fungus, keeda jadi and yarsagumba is a medicinal fungus. It is found naturally growing in the wild in high altitude mountainous regions of Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet.

Why Cordy herb Biotech is the best for cordyceps production?

As the pioneer of lab cultivation of Cordyceps militaris in India, Cordy Herb Biotech carefully executes the end-to-end process – from spawning to bottling to produce 100% pure fruiting fingers on high quality substrate, that are considered the best in the country.

Is Cordyceps sinensis the Himalayan Viagra?

The geographical uniqueness also confers this region with Cordyceps (Ophiocordyceps sinensis), a coveted aphrodisiac popularly known as Himalayan Viagra and energy booster, found in alpine pasturelands of Himalayas. Chinese long-distance runners have been suspected of consuming Cordyceps to improve their performances (on track).