Is Clare worth visiting?

Is Clare worth visiting?

Some of the best places to visit in Clare are the seemingly endless sandy stretches that you’ll find dotted along the coastline. From tourist favourites, like Lahinch Beach and Kilkee Beach, to often overlooked beaches, like Fanore Beach there’s a beach in Clare to tickle every fancy.

What is Co Clare known for?

County Clare is renowned for its legacy in traditional Irish music and is home to an abundance of visual riches and spectacular scenery. Clare is located on the far west coast of Ireland, bordered by Galway Bay to the north, Lough Derg to the east, the River Shannon to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Why do tourists visit the Burren in Co Clare?

Visitors are all welcome to the Burren National Park. It is a place of tranquillity and quiet. There are five marked walking trails in the Park that take you through many different fascinating and beautiful habitats, such as species-rich limestone grasslands, hazel/ash woodlands and limestone pavements.

What is the biggest town in Clare?

In 2016, Ennis had a population of 25,276, making it the largest town in Clare and the 12th largest in Ireland.

Why is Claire called the banner?

It is easy to see then in the political excitement of the times how the county acquired the name ‘the banner county’. The reason the name stuck with Clare, I would suggest, was that custom of greeting politicians with banners, particularly at election time, survived longer in Clare than in other counties.

Why is Clare called Clare?

It is often said that County Clare is named after the de Clares. However this is not the origin, rather, the name comes from the Irish word ‘Clár’, meaning a board or plank. A board was placed across the river Fergus outside Ennis, at a place which was to become known as Clare, (now Clarecastle town).

Is Limerick Ireland worth visiting?

Limerick is unique; a vibrant city with a warm welcome, complemented by a charming and scenic countryside. There’s never been a better time to visit as Limerick offers fantastic value for money with very competitive hotel rates!

What does Ennis mean in Irish?

The name Ennis comes from the Irish word “Inis”, meaning “island”. This name relates to an island formed between two courses of the River Fergus on which the Franciscan Friary was built.

Is there a train to Clare?

The train station in County Clare is located on the Quin Road which is a short walk from Ennis town. The station offers daily services to Limerick, Cork, Dublin and Galway. It is less than 10 mins walk from the station to the centre of Ennis.

Is Co Clare a good place to live?

It has some of the country’s best nightlife and offers live music every night of the week. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and pubs for you to socialise in. The area surrounding Ennis is also rich in historical sites.

Is Clare a nice place to live?